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... with amazing results and complete happiness from it. its been about a month and on and off i get these TINY pimples but they are almost dots...around my nose only. I have no idea what they are or why i get them, but they usually go away in a day or 2. Any idea how to prevent these or what causes them? ... (1 replies)
... Could be dry skin getting alittle irritated. I am currently on accutane and noticed different type "spots" on me. I belive its from my skin drying. (1 replies)
... Yes, it does seem to shrink and calm pimples overnight. I have developed a few tiny pimples around my nose but you can't even see them. I doubt it's from this mask but who cares if it is. As long as I have no cysts or big red lumpy things. ... (16 replies)

... I have a similar condition which has been diagnosed as "perioral dermatitis." This causes a small rash that looks like pimples around my mouth and nose, especially, but doesn't itch at all. It's actually no inconvenience at all, other than the fact that it looks kind of bad. ... (16 replies)
... For about 2 weeks I have had these 2 red patches right around the area of the creases of my nose. Each of them contain many tiny little red pimples. ... (0 replies)
... ok y dun u try steaming your face...steam your face for abt 15 mins and later wash your face with cold u need to close the pores..later after around 10 minutes...take the neutrogena acne on spot treatment....and take lots of the benzoyl peroxide and rub it well on yr forehead...fist do it 4 once evry day... ... (3 replies)
... around my nose larger. ... (23 replies)
Acne on nose
Jul 15, 2001
... I have acne mostly on my nose just like you BrianT. I usually get an occasionally pimple here and there on my forehead or upper lip area sometimes. I am soooo with you. ... (4 replies)
... On my cheeks I get random bumps. I also have a few red marks and slightly indented tiny scars. On the cheekbones I always get a dime size painful lump every few weeks. Each time, it's in a different spot than last, same area. ... (10 replies)
Jun 14, 2003
... I woke up this morning to yet a few more tiny ones around my mouth. to me they haven't really been "UNDER" there, but rather are only oil filled and seem to appear over night. I usually can't see them coming..... ... (8 replies)
... As any of you know who may have read some of my posts, I get these little oil filled pimples which most clearly seem like the pore was closed and the oil couldn't get out, thus it got trapped. ... (5 replies)
... My problem essentially consists in periodic visitations of tiny whiteheads around my mouth and nose area, rarely containing anything in the way of pus. ... (15 replies)
My B5 journal
Jul 31, 2003
... I also got many tiny bumps around my nose and mouth and that scares me a little because that is what happened before my acne got bad originally. ... (6 replies)
Spiro users
Jul 28, 2004
... In addition, I am now getting tiny pimples on my chin and along my jaw line that I didn't used to get. ... (6 replies)
... to go away and then leave red marks that lasted for 6 months. They looked terrible. My chin and nose were very oily and I would use two or three of the oil sheets a day. ... (9 replies)
My routine
Jul 21, 2005
... like or small whiteheads when i was in eight grade. the bigger pimples would stay a dark red color for months after the initial bump would go away. the bigger pimples would also last a really long time. the small whiteheads on my nose and around my nose were perfect for popping so i would pop them. ... (0 replies)
... small pimples on each side, and very rough skin in general. The right side is the worse than the left as it has more redmarks and just an overall redness to it. ... (3 replies)
... I started clarus 3 days ago, first two days i took 40mg and since then i've decided just to take 80mg a day like my doctor told me to, today is going to be day 4, i have one medium sized pimple on the side of my face, nothing unusual, but its going away as of today. i had a breakout a few days ago, all those pimples are pretty much gone now as usual, and i have a few really... (1 replies)
... I have been lurking around this board on and off for the past 4 years. ... (2 replies)
... Hello Tommy jojo, I read your post about not eating sugar in an effort to speed up the healing proces. You (and other interested people) might also want to try another strategy that helped me a lot: avoiding all hard fats in your diet. See below for the details, this is information i got from somebody i found via the Internet. Although not easy, i started with this diet... (40 replies)

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