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... Wai's Acne Diet. Somewhere out there is a "Free Acne Diet Book". ... (38 replies)
... hatever I want and I don't gain weight. Not everybody has that luxury. In a nutshell, everybody's body reacts differently to different things. I know now that diet does influence my acne, and I am trying so hard to find out what I need to eliminate and what I can eat. ... (27 replies)
... I did try the Wai diet and it worked but it was much too hard to do regularly. But by changing my diet as much as I have along with taking B5 and ALA I am much much better. Now I am looking for the last ingredient that will put me over the top. ... (38 replies)

... ve been following the Wai diet for about three days now and I have already noticed a change in my skin. ... (27 replies)
... Paleolithic diet is ok for anyone, as long as they get enough calories. ... (8 replies)
Wai diet
Aug 20, 2002
... From what I've heard it's even more strict/weird than other diets that I've learned recently about. They have their own message board and they even have a website with a link for their free EBook and it even includes the Acne Sample diet... Just do a search on Google or some other place and look for "acne sample diet" "free acne book" and "wai acne" etc. =) (1 replies)
... I do agree that if your taking them separately, correctly, and they are good vitamins then you should be fine. I think my problems with vitamins was that I was always looking for a multivitamin to "fix it all" rather than having to take different ones all day. I'm a bit lazy I suppose lol. That and the fact that I've gotten ahold of some bad vitamins before which had not so... (13 replies)
... l separately, as multivitamins are not the way to go. The dosages seem just fine. I would take the selenium, vitamin A, vitamin E with your fattiest meal. On the Wai diet I believe this is raw eggs with unrefined oil? ... (13 replies)
... Prometheus, in the acne friendly diet, should I incorporate lemon juice? Like persay, drinking two freshly squeezed lemons a day? Does lemon juice help at all?? (9 replies)
... didn't try them raw. The followers of the Wai diet who have healed their acne eat raw eggs. ... (9 replies)
... Hi, I don't know if this is the best diet when trying to maintain a workout schedule. For the first couple days I felt weak, but by the third day I felt just like i always do. ... (2 replies)
... Anyone try the Wai diet? ... (38 replies)
... Excuse me about Wai's Diet...Wai's diet is my foundation and i work around that. I don't follow it exactly but it is very close to it. ... (13 replies)
... Personally, when I began modifying my diet etc. I stopped all supplements and when I did incorporate a few back in at times they did not seem to help, but my skin did get a bit worse during those times. ... (13 replies)
... all my life. Food is one of my pleasures in life, and a very social thing. Being on Wai's diet creates a lot of new problems. Wais diet may work for many people but to me the diet is too idealistic to be a solution to the acne problem. A true cure must not only work, but also be PRACTICAL!!! ... (46 replies)
... Or why not just respond to posts about Wai's diet with eliminition diets that you claim work just as well instead of calling Wai a fraud? ... (23 replies)
... Gianni, what are we eliminating with Wai's diet if it's not dirty protein? ... (23 replies)
... semitry, Wai's theory is wrong. The most fatal argument, in my mind, is that there are plenty of people with oily skin and no acne who eat too much ``dirty protein.'' If Wai's theory about water retention were correct, such people would develop acne as the sebum backs up in the ``pinched off'' sebum canals. They don't develop acne --> Wai's theory is incorrect. The... (23 replies)
... Aquarius, I'll address each of your points: ``To me both of you are missing the point, in bringing up lots of additional (biased) information, without taking this (researched) theory seriously.'' Wai's theory has not been researched properly. Even the abstract you quoted states that facial edema should be seen as a ``rare'' complication of acne vulgaris. This means... (46 replies)
It's Now or Never!
May 29, 2004
... Yes Meagan brings up an important point. I understand you have tried changing your diet, Ratman. The thing is, you have to change your diet to do a cleanse. You can't just go out and buy psyllium husk and bentonite, take them, and cleanse anything without changing your diet. ... (342 replies)

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