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... As I said in a previous post, I have taken accutane 4 times and it worked wonders for me. ... (46 replies)
... This used to happen to me when I was on Accutane. It takes the skin right off. Mine scabbed and left a pink mark for a couple weeks. It looked like I got in a fight or something. It was embarrassing. ... (6 replies)
... accutane not only affects your facial skin, but your whole dries everything out and makes everything sensitive...therefore, if you will cause severe redness and possible burning and irritation...maybe even scar... ... (3 replies)

... peel and reduce cell accumulation. Accutane does the same thing. If you're using these medications your skin will be more likely to tear. ... (6 replies)
Jan 26, 2006
... I also got my eyebrows waxed while on accutane. I normally have no issues when waxing but my eyebrows got so red and irritated by the time I got home. I iced it and put a little milk on the area like the woman told me. The skin in that area peeled for a couple of days. ... (10 replies)
... a long time, but am afraid and was hoping to get advice from others who have gone through this. ... (1 replies)
Accutane Journal
Jul 19, 2004
... e an initial breakout but I didn't see a real big change until about the beginning of the second month. During the first month is when the blackheads in my nose and cheek areas started coming out and my face was so disgustingly oily, much worse than usual. ... (672 replies)
... When I was on Accutane I was told not to wax my eyebrows!!! Well, seeing as how I didn't feel like listening, I went ahead and got them waxed. What's the worse that could happen right? ... (7 replies)
... I know how you feel about's killing me not to get my eyebrows done. Ask your derm when you can start. I know accutane is still in you system for a while after you stop. ... (5 replies)
... The big, long paper that comes with it tells you not to. Read it! :p (6 replies)
... so i know there are certain things you shouldnt do while on accutane because of the scarring and what not, but does that include waxing your eyebrows? ... (6 replies)
... thanks for the reply.. so how do you take care of unrulely eyebrows while on accutane or retin-a? (7 replies)
... I have a question about the birth control pill Microgestin and acne. I started it about a month and a half ago, and it seems that was when my skin got really bad. Has this happened to anyone else? ... (4 replies)
... mins and then pluck...I found the hairs came out easier and my skin wasn't as ripped u know? ... (7 replies)
... hey everyone i finished my course a month just wondering how long i have to wait before i can wax my eyebrows... also...has anyone spot treated after accutane..and with what? how long should i wait? also...will the results get better/? i am pleased...however i was expecting better...i have broke out..not bad by any means at all..but i just thought it would be... (5 replies)
Accutane questions
Mar 23, 2005
... day for 6 months and it was the best thing I ever did for my skin. Like you, I saw improvements immediately. ... (18 replies)
... I used an eyebrow trimmer while I couldn't wax because of Accutane. (7 replies)
... n usual. The next morning I realized how bad it was. I had a big scab above my upper lip. Makeup wouldn't cover it! I had to go to class that morning with it and then I had to drive 5 hours to see my boyfriend knowing I look like a big freak. Just to tell you how sweet my boyfriend is... ... (4 replies)
... hey! first of all congrats and good luck on accutane! ... (2 replies)
May 3, 2004
... A type medications or Accutane. My aestetician said that she has seen some horrible scabs and wounds from skin being ripped off because of people not knowing this and not saying anything. ... (3 replies)

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