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... I had a concussion about 1 year and 11 months ago and the doctor prescribed me this steroid medication that made me breakout like mad. ... (0 replies)
What's the Reason?
Feb 23, 2005
... I usually feel the same way. ... (12 replies)
... Yes, you are correct....HOWEVER, it can work the other way as well, exzema can be caused by severely dry skin. ... (10 replies)

What is this?
Sep 22, 2003
... Okay, so i have always had really good skin, not oily, not dry, not alot of problems with acne except a few whiteheads and the occasional pimple. ... (0 replies)
... Hey there Gwen...well i am not clear...very red marks and still some bumps on my cheek and jawline..but the big cysts are going away..still getting a few under the skin....and people asked me what was wrong with my skin..not just my lips..i was so bumpy i told people i had the chicken pox..i know..pathetic.. ... (6 replies)
... My niece, 6 years old asked me "why do you have so many bumps on your face? ... (41 replies)
... a micro and benzaclyn when it first began, but being new to the experience and impaitient, I stopped using it all together after it began so painful that i cried, just to apply the creams. ... (4 replies)
My Story
Jan 25, 2004
... Sorry if this is kind of long but I just need to share some things, thanks in advance for taking the time to read it. ... (10 replies)
... hi guys, I used to have inflammated acne, and once I was put on differin about a year ago, it has stopped being like red and swollen pimples. But now what I'm getting are tiny white bumps all over my face, and I mean all over, especiallt on my cheeks and chin. ... (4 replies)
Dec 11, 2000
... Ohh.. I hate those little bumps! I know exactly what you are talking about. You can feel them under the skin, ready to pop out the next morning! I hated it.. ... (78 replies)
... how dreadful for you. See my posting above about natural healing which to my mind is always best. However, you are in a terrible situation and really should see a dermatologist as soon as possible. ... (14 replies)
... I stopped using this two weeks ago and I am sooo glad I did. I know this will sound crazy but, I think it was somehow healing "over" pimples that were under the skin and burying them even deeper. I can see my skin evening out a bit now . ... (1 replies)
... month accutane treatment about 3 months ago at 80mgs.. I weigh 160. So anyways I started to notice my skin is starting to get oily not excessive at all. I also noticed tiny, like pin prick, whiteheads on my forehead. If rub my face they come off. ... (3 replies)
... A friend of mine had this once on her face and the Dr. told her it was what they called a "blind pimple". All they are is a pimple under the skin that doesnt surface but sits there and hurts like the dickins!!!!!!! ... (6 replies)
... Glad to hear things are going so well for you! ... (27 replies)
... I would really appreciated it if any of you can tell me what you think. ... (10 replies)
Milia nightmare
Aug 10, 2005
... I posted this in the 'Slightly Rasised Tiny Bumps' thread also, but thought it should be in here also... ... (6 replies)
... Haven't been around in quite a while, due to workload, etc, etc. Some time ago, I guess in the early summer, I started following the Acne Cure program. Bought the book and all on the recommendation of my sister. ... (0 replies)
Good morning M
Jun 21, 2003
... How's the painting coming along? ... (10 replies)
... were you told what the solution is being applied to your skin? ... (4 replies)

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