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... androgen that helps block the havoc too much testosterone in women creates.It can also be used along with a low androgen birth control pill.This works best when acne is due to hormonal issues. ... (3 replies)
... This will not contain any accurate recitation of facts and how things really work. I didn't memorize those. But this is what I've gathered in discussions here and some other sources, what I do, and what it's done for me. ... (6 replies)
... acne part, well yeah it's possible. A major testosterone increase is absolutely synonymous with sex. ... (25 replies)

... If you are going through Puberty, being Insulin Resistant is a natural part of this process. Your body requires this in order to grow and bring you into adulthood. ... (3 replies)
... initiate acne production. "Bread" as in Wheat, as this is primarily what is used when we speak of Flour, Bread, Pasta, etc. ... (11 replies)
... ter of fact they made a point of telling my mom that I probably did not have a hormonal disorder. They were basing this on research they read that measured total testosterone levels in patients with acne. Unfortunately this measure of total testosterone does not give an accuate picture of what is really going on. ... (18 replies)
... So, today I went to a Holistic clinic in hopes of getting better treatment. My assessment took 4 hours. ... (19 replies)
... Someone asked what the root cause of our problems are and it's more than likely our livers. ... (81 replies)
... I've heard more postives about NPC than negatives. Yet I've heard that if you're taking synthetic progesterone, like what's in Yasmin, it can cause more of the negatives. Plus most women may not be using it properly or are using too much. ... (19 replies)
... Of all of the posts I've read, Phillaser has given the best of advice.. In the old days, the process was done using sandpaper. Scars on the face are like scratches on wood. ... (6 replies)
... Of all of the posts I've read, Phillaser has given the best of advice.. In the old days, the process was done using sandpaper. Scars on the face are like scratches on wood. ... (9 replies)
... it, and developed it as soon as I went off the pill, and other people I know with it developed it after they went off the pill. One of the main indicators is a high testosterone level in women, and this is the cause of the complexion problems. ... (25 replies)
... peptides, and hormones are involved in sexual activity. For the male these would include Nitric Oxide, Dopamine, Epinepherine, Norepinephrine, and Serotonin. ... (6 replies)
... OK, this is what I've found out so far. ... (97 replies)
... counter skin preparations can actually aggravate acne. Stress reduction, nutritional factors and proper skin care hold the keys to prevention and treatment. ... (5 replies)
... I don't think that's true, although most of the people participating in these discussions are women. ... (63 replies)
... t have acne, but she's a bit overwieght. She still eats the same foods, perhaps more so along the lines of unhealthy foods and she's definately a sugar addict. In fact, the majority of the women in her family are either overwieght or obese! ... (21 replies)
... in, whereas we produce TOO MUCH or are unable to acknowledge that we produce enough. Therefore our bodies ignore the insulin and allows it to float freely about in our system causing an increase in ovarian and testes androgen production. ... (24 replies)
... So I will start by saying that of course just because a product helps with acne, doesnt mean it will work for everyone, but WHAT product or supplement has? ... (23 replies)
... LOL, because different sugars react differently in the body. ... (54 replies)

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