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... Stop eating greasy foods, it's going to give u more pimples" First off greasy foods dont cause acne and i scream it at peopel who say other wise yet they never believe it. Oh and one more thing....i was thinking in my head the moment she sed it... ... (85 replies)
... im sorry, im just annoyed, at not being able to eat anything 'Nice', except from apples, basicly, my skin has improoved drasticly i dont know if this is because of your diet, no masterbation, or the multivitamin, and B5 i take.. ... (73 replies)
... foods or sweet foods i produde acne, i believe that watching what you eat affects your acne, maybe it is differnt for you but that is for me in my case, and you dont have to eat nothing but fruits and veges, just make sure your not overwhelming yourself with a diet. ... (10 replies)

... they've gotto be mental! we on this board are living proof that diet and acne are related. ... (36 replies)
... Even if you already know about diet and acne read this as I bet your "good" diet is slightly wrong. ... (40 replies)
... overwhelming majority consider acne to be it's own disease, but it is not. Acne is not a disease. Acne is form of skin inflammation that's a sign , an indicator, of something internally or externally that our bodies are Hypersensitive to. ... (429 replies)
... It's really odd there there are people that just dont quite "get" what it means when they say they have "genetic acne". ... (100 replies)
... I know this may sound a bit incredible and different and against everything we all know about acne but im going to say it because i feel that what i found that it works absolutly works. Ok first off id like to say im 16 and had acne since i was 12. So im not going to say big words cause i cant... ... (0 replies)
... well i got this book from this guy, he's not a dernatologist but he's been studying acne for over 20 years. ... (168 replies)
... well i got this book from this guy, he's not a dernatologist but he's been studying acne for over 20 years. ... (212 replies)
... well, we're in the same boat. i have quite same problem with you and it affects me mentally over time. i've been suffered for acne since the age of 13. Now im 19 and still suffering from acne on back, chest as well as face. my acne gone worst when i was 17. ... (5 replies)
... Hey everyone! My mom and I knew what foods broke my face out then I went to a doctor for diseases for the skin and he gave me a list too! ... (8 replies)
... for many people, foods do cause acne. Foods effect hormones, also if you have digestion problems, this will cause acne. ... (6 replies)
... Now I know some of you dont believe that food causes acnes but I honestly do. I have experimented with oil. ... (0 replies)
My opinion on acne
Jun 29, 2002
... a lot of people think food is the source, but i dont think so. LOOK AT FAT PEOPLE. ... (4 replies)
... That good point I think maybe they dont want to find a cure too I dont know food cause acne or not But I eat alot of sugar and fast food sometime I wonder if foods I"m eating are causing my acne I use alot acne products they dont really clear my skin up at times I think there making my skin look worse than helping it. ... (100 replies)
... Now, if you noticed they don't discuss what those twins ate. ... (54 replies)
... Yes. Of course, I am not talking about EXTREMELY SEVERE ACNE such as CYSTIC and other forms that require ACCUTANE. ... (46 replies)
Diet and acne
Apr 27, 2005
... The big painfull ones are postules or papules, you get that with acne grade III or Iv, you should see a doctor. ... (10 replies)
Fasting and acne
Jan 7, 2003
... Yeah i most certainly think that there is a huge link between acne and food, however, this is so on certain individuals. My friends for example eat junk food religiously and their faces are gorgeous. ... (21 replies)

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