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... I used Cetaphil and it did wonders for my dry skin ... ... (36 replies)
... my youngest brother is starting to get bad acne over his face, mostly forehead. right now there are 2 big bumps on his forehead. hes only 14, atleast my acne started when i was 17. ... (3 replies)
... Then I started getting cystic acne, hormonally, and it couldn't do anything to help that. ... (4 replies)

Get off the drugs!
Jan 22, 2001
... The thing you can do is try to control it. Facial acne can be the single biggest 'downer' in a persons teenage years, the years when most people are very vulnerable due to all the physical and mental changes that are already stressing them. ... (8 replies)
... if you read the instructions for differin you would see it says apply after washing the face.... so you have to apply differin to clean skin for it to be effective i had experienced dryness when doing this, so i ask the derm and she said just apply a little moisturizer to dry spots after the differin had dried and if ur extremely dry use lots of moisturizer in the day, but... (6 replies)
... can slather on the moisturizer after I take a shower then I'm good for most of the day. I've been on it for almost a month and all I need are two pumps of the Cetaphil bottle for my face and neck to get me through the whole day. ... (14 replies)
... other treatments while i was on accutane. Like I would put egg yolks on my face, tee tree oil face masks, milk, god i even put toothpaste on my active pimples!! When I look back at it all i can think of is what the hell was i thinking. I think it just got so bad i literally lost my mind. ... (179 replies)
... has been so long since I've posted. It's just that I haven't experienced any differences yet, but since others have posted and asked questions, I will be happy to answer them to the best of my ability. ... (40 replies)
... Hi Paige and welcome to Accutane! I am glad our posts have been helpful to you. This board is where I turn when I need encouragment. If you have any questions, ask, tons of people will respond! it's a great thing. ... (68 replies)
... course the cysts didn't help the appearance much either. Well, finally after months of trying all the usual crap with little or no results, I convinced my derm to put me on accutane, which I took for four months. ... (1 replies)
... It is nice to know that someone actually read my whole post. ... (202 replies)
... months of use your skin suffers greatly. It becomes very dry which in turn causes more breakouts .. and these breakouts are a whole lot worse than what you started out with. ... (12 replies)
... My son experienced the same "ruddiness" some of you mentioned and then quit using the lights everyday. After continued use, they seemed to cause more redness and he seems to be doing much better just using the lights a couple of times a week if he has a cystic "thing" appear. ... (188 replies)
... I used to have bad acne too. I tried every face wash in the world washing 3 or 4 times a day and it never really worked. I then went to the doctor and tried a medicine called accutane. It worked wonders. It makes your skin very dry at first because this is how it gets rid of the pimples. ... (5 replies)
... What do when use really almost everything out there what be best way to remove pimples. I usually just wear makeup to help cover it up but makeup does not cover it up good enough it help a little. ... (5 replies)
... You can't get anywhere near the amount of Vitamin E in supplements thru food. While I have heard that synthetic Vitamin E may be less potent, but even at half the potency you'll still get a lot more from a snythetic vitamin than from food. Either way there are supplements that use natural Vitamin E, just look for the word Natural on the bottle, and then in the back look for a... (30 replies)
My routine worked!
Oct 17, 2003
... I have been pretty clear for a while. I want to share my routine with you. Firstly, I have been on 100mg of Spiro for the last 8 months. For the first few months, it helped but minimally. ... (1 replies)
... Just wanted to share my experience with you folks. I am a 23 year old female. Acne since the age of 14. ... (0 replies)
... Okay... stood in the store for 45 minutes TRYING to choose a moisturizer...What a joke!! They all seem to contain bad ingredients that can clog pores!! I am very frustrated and confused!! Where do I do from here? ... (5 replies)
... my skin. but, if i'm on accutane, i'm seeing something that they are not. about 2 years ago my last dermatologist put me on accutane, i think to shut me up. i heard about it from s friend, and i was sick of using creams. ... (3 replies)

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