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... I work out and have a smoothie with 35g of whey protein powder everyday. ... (3 replies)
Whey Protein
Jul 25, 2005
... Many people believe whey protein has an affect on their acne. I actually have a partially different theory. For some, the whey will make their acne worse. ... (10 replies)
... and whey protein for at least 1 month to see if your body acne improves? ... (10 replies)

... hen, I cleaned up my diet, and started getting results. With results, came extra acne, especially around the jawline. Stopped working out, but continued to use whey to help keep my weight up. I still have acne, but the jawline ones are not nearly as bad anymore. Though many people blame the whey, I don't. ... (2 replies)
... Second, there have been many claims from people that whey protein breaks them out. Try using a whey isolate as opposed to whey concentrate, or try switching brands. ... (7 replies)
... Personally I loved whey isolate, it was the best tasting protein supplement I've ever had...yet... I don't know. ... (22 replies)
... Basically I discovered that the more highly processed the dairy the more likely I was to break out. Anything, and I do mean anything, with whey or caseinate in it broke me out the worse. Whey expecially is found as a filler in many many different types of food. ... (14 replies)
Whey Protein
Jul 26, 2005
... Don't eat those "healthy" snack bars. That's asking for trouble. Maybe not acne, but who's to say what they put in those things. You're better off with the pure whey than to get a bar like that. At least with the whey, you know what it is. ... (10 replies)
... I've noticed my acne can become inflamed with whey protein. Look for a brand that is all natural with no additives. Optimum Nutrition offers one but it is more expensive. ... (9 replies)
... times a day. I figured my acne was from the stress, winter, and lack of working out. Oh my god! My face was terrible. It was the worse case of acne that I can remember having. I would say I got to the moderate level for the first time in my life! ... (7 replies)
... I was also aware that this same event of cystic acne developed the year prior and I blammed it on either Cherry consumption or Whey Isolate powder as it stopped when I stopped consuming both of these. ... (429 replies)
... You need to be very careful with protein powders. Whey is a dairy derivative, so your skin may be sensitive to this product. ... (32 replies)
... and whey protein sometimes. That's pretty much all that makes up my normal diet. ... (10 replies)
... nope. Ask a bodybuilder is whey protein the same as egg protein? ... (40 replies)
... Anyway, last summer, I started breaking out and I couldn't figure out why. The only things I did differently was that I started consuming yummy tasting Whey Protein Powder and eating lots of cherries. ... (25 replies)
... no major acne but only small zits .Because the drink contains also 18 kinds Amino acids which is very high.I said before my acne won't be affected by food and this is true I had no breakouts at all and the oil produced make my skin smoother alot than before . ... (1 replies)
... Whoa! Sweet... Thanks SweetJade1. after reading ost of your post,i realized what i studies at Biology is just kindergarden of Medical. lol... Thanks.... IWillHelpYou when wll you help us further? :D (114 replies)
... Dairy products are avoided because they are highly Insulinotropic or insulin stimulating. Skim Milk is the worst of them due to it's extra Whey Proten content. ... (114 replies)
... If we are talking solely hormones here and not allergies or intolerances (why some of us avoid misc. items), then the following apply: Grains - Wheat, Gluten, Most Grains or All Grains (the more grains, especially gluten grains in your diet, the greater your ability to produce the hormones & inflammatory products neccessary for the develpment of acne) "Sugars" -... (21 replies)
... At some point about 6 years ago I went on Accutane and was using various antibiotics and my acne almost completely vanished near the end of the course. ... (14 replies)

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