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Diet and Acne
May 9, 2006
... I cut out ALL dairy. No milk, no yogurt, no cheese, nothing. As for whole grains, I used to eat whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice and oatmeal on a regular basis. I have eliminated all but oatmeal which I still have as part of my breakfast. ... (9 replies)
... and it didn't stop. So I eliminated the Cherries and it did. ... (22 replies)
... as you can see there is no dairy in there, i am a firm believer in the connection between dairy and acne. ... (3 replies)

... Limited my intake of whole grains. I started out by eliminating them and then slowly reintroduced them to see what types and amounts I could get away with. ... (3 replies)
... cosmetologist 'pops' the zits and thoroughly cleans her face. ... (4 replies)
... Ok, Let me start by explaining the acne process. ... (114 replies)
... Once again, I am eternally grateful for your help and detailed posts. ... (49 replies)
... I thought it would be cool to share recipes of our own to help eachother find appropriate things to eat. There's so much talk about diet lately and I for one know that it plays a very big part in most acne. ... (7 replies)
... hether you are Allergic or not, Intolerant or not, cause a variety of problems. They affect not just those with autoimmune disorders, but those that have health and hormonal problems as well. ... (5 replies)
... Trust mate, I see all my mates eating choclate, crisps, Pizzas, and they ask me and i have to sit there and watch em munch I LOVED Pasta, it was my favourite food, Pasta smothered in cheese, but I can't eat neither of them now, Pizza was my usual saturday take-away, i can't eat that no more, Everytime I drink a 6 pack of beers followed by some Sambuca, for the whole next... (46 replies)
Acne Diet
May 24, 2005
... Hm... I would definetly reconsider this. Tuna has a lot of iodine which is a known culprit to cause acne. (5 replies)
... First off I wont be sticking around the only reason I posted was because I felt a responsibility to help people, if you can help someone and choose not too then your a bit of a b0llocks really. ... (40 replies)
... Thank you for this post. I've never had a major acne problem, but I always seemed to have a few pimples. And for the longest time, I bought into the what the "experts" said, which is that diet and acne have no connection. But now I know better. ... (8 replies)
Wheat = oat ?
Jun 27, 2006
... The approach I've taken with foods that are suspect is to first eliminate them completely and then reintroduce them in a controlled way. For example, I cut out all grain products and saw my acne improve. ... (1 replies)
... helps breads bind together. If using GF breads, usually Xanthum Gum or Guar Gum, among other ingredients, are used to help overcome these grains gritty texture and inability to rise. GF Breads are the hardest to replace and may be an accquired taste. ... (12 replies)
... I also agree about the sodas and sugar and basically what this is doing is controlling your insulin levels, which is basically the whole concept of a low gi diet. Its a lifestyle change and not always simple but it is possible! ... (1 replies)
... I decided I'm going to try this diet that everyone says works for acne because I'm sick of taking antibiotics. Is it possible to do it without losing weight? ... (4 replies)
... d what I ate in fact every bite that I ate was according to that diet and it do not help my acne a bit also on the diets that are considered very healthy lots of whole fruits, vegetables, whole grains, soymilk and fish I broke out big time and I followed those diets VERY strictly. ... (22 replies)
... of all , this is not a scam, as there is no point of wasting my time to type all this if i was lying, i am posting this thread simply because i once suffer from acne myself, and i understand the emotional pain with acne. ... (0 replies)
... Even if you already know about diet and acne read this as I bet your "good" diet is slightly wrong. ... (40 replies)

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