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... I take Sanatogen Multi-Vitamins, should I stop? (39 replies)
... Here is a short list of some commonly known and widely available vegetables just to give you an idea of how broad and healthy this diet can be. Hopefully this will expand the minds of others who think this kind of diet means eating salads...because it doesn't. ... (39 replies)
... s and vegtables and unprocessed, uncooked meat. Get a simple routine going and you'll be noticing a difference. Avoid MILK, BREAD, BUTTER, and most of all SUGAR. You can have those but it's like "cheating" and will give you a few breakouts. ... (15 replies)

... and supposedly, the olive leaf kills the parasites etc...and this doesn't usually completely clear your acne but usually makes it so much better and easier to control and in some cases clears it totally. ... (0 replies)
... Acne is caused by sugar. Sugar is not a food but is a crystalline carbohydrate that forces your metabolism to speed up for short periods of time. ... (42 replies)
... I read your post about not eating sugar in an effort to speed up the healing proces. ... (40 replies)
Sugar Sugar!
Nov 15, 2004
... use it. I refused many times, then I gave in and finally decided to try because it was so ugly. In about 3 months, my forehead cleared up completely. I had no acne or pimple for years. It was as if I had nothing before. ... (125 replies)
Sugar Sugar!
Nov 14, 2004
... supps he was reccommending for acne sufferers. ... (125 replies)
... I'm going to be very honest with you and say, not that I know of. ... (15 replies)
... So with a little creativity you should be able to see that there are foods that you can still eat. Tacos, take off the cheese. Over here, we decide what we want them to put on ours, unless you have a Taco Bell or Del taco. ... (111 replies)
... hey blank if it is working for you don't stop... ... (34 replies)
... Sugar Cane is Cane Sugar and it is the same thing that refined white sugar is made from. ... (34 replies)
... I am soooo sick and tired of people down playing and dismissing the fact that sugar causes acne. This myth is often perpetuated by the medical society. This is what they do.. ... (43 replies)
... er acne sufferers that "complain" because all they have left are red marks, hyperpigmentation, or scarring, but these people fail to remember that getting rid of acne IS only half the battle. ... (38 replies)
Food & acne?
Feb 25, 2005
... Your existing acne will start to heal IF you eliminate the source of what induced your existing acne. Therefore you know you have picked the right diet for you, if you can heal your existing acne and you no longer get that particular type anymore. ... (3 replies)
Sugar Sugar!
Nov 11, 2004
... isn't that what you want? ... (125 replies)
... s all about supply and demand. So the more of use that use this product, the more they will produce, making it more affordable for us. In the mean time, the cost for is 1. ... (30 replies)
... However, for some members this isn't a therapeutic enough option. Hence why you see us consuming rice, but not wheat or gluten. Why you see us consuming potatos and not sugar when you've heard that they both are supposed to be "pure sugar", not true. ... (2 replies)
... than it is indirectly your diet, due to the toxin you consumed. ... (110 replies)
Sugar Sugar!
Nov 10, 2004
... I want to say about the Chocolate thing. Dr. Perricone says that chocolate is good for you, but what is bad is the high sugar in it. That is what is causing acne, and why some sources say it's bad for you because of the sugar, not the chocolate itself. ... (125 replies)

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