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... So if you don't eat tons of it raw, it's not a problem, but if you do eat tons of these foods you may want to cut back some or cook them more often. ... (110 replies)
... I appreciate better what you were trying to say. And you're absolutely correct that it is difficult to express oneself through the medium of text. ... (53 replies)
... Just look up various fruits on the Glycemic index and it will give you a good idea of which ones are likely to raise your blood sugar level the fastest. ... (4 replies)

... Alright, Forcefed, as long as you don't say stuff like this, I'll leave you alone. I don't know if you forgot, but as you can see I'm not putting words in your mouth, except the ones that already came out of it. ... (111 replies)
... o get those much needed answers. Obviously, we don't all respond the same to our hormones. Some people's bodies do other things in response to the hormones that give us acne. Some people actually have NORMAL hormonal levels, but their receptors are extra sensitive to certain hormones. ... (97 replies)
... OK, almost ALL acne is hormonal. If it's not caused by hormones then it's a reaction to your skin care products, etc. Change the outside influence and your skin gets better. ... (5 replies)
... hectic. My wife is having a few problems with a lot of pain and I've been occupied trying to make things easier for her. It seems she has an ovarian tumor and will have to have an operation this coming monday. ... (8 replies)
... This was such a big issue to my esteem that I really want to share it with others. Acne is no longer keeping me from showing my face and doing the things I love. ... (1 replies)
... days later. Im sure there are some other foods that might give me a pimple or two, but not for sure which. Now as for certain foods effecting everyone with acne, that can't be said. ... (7 replies)
... can't say if I noticed a difference when I was 10lbs heavier...wait yes, but it could have been thanks to Brewers Yeast which is supposedly good for clearing up acne and adding weight. Although that was during the summertime, which is generally when my skin looks it's best anyway, so that doesn't help much. ... (93 replies)
... Now I will keep updating on my progress and if i dont see any more breakout in another week or so, i will highly recommend you guys my routine but right now I just dont know which one of the above is preventing more breakouts. Pple give me suggestion. ... (2 replies)
Diet and acne
Apr 9, 2001
... Are you kidding me? ... (27 replies)
... and PCOS you will see SYMPTOMS listed as acne. ... (7 replies)
... NO ACNE. All this talk about hormones, do you know how much hormones are pumped into cows to get them to produce more milk just so they can make more money? ... (110 replies)
... Oh my heavens the human body is so incredibly complex and along with discovering how much more complex it gets when foods interact with it, no wonder we could start World War III on these boards alone over the whole mess! Wish you the best of luck ;-) (110 replies)
... haole you have IBS because the inner terrain of your gut has been compromised likely because of antibiotics you've taken in the past. You need to take probiotics to replace the friendly bacteria that died. ... (3 replies)
... those little hand held ones or basically any strainer you have. ... (7 replies)
... Thank you so much for starting this thread. ... (49 replies)
... There are times my skin will be completely clear, but most of the time I always have at least three pimples on my face. It drives me NUTS! ... (9 replies)
... we usually give up bread too. ... (39 replies)

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