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... EV, I bought some Yakult and took 1.. but it has "Semi Skimmed Milk, Glucose Syrup and Flavouring" in it.. things we should be avoiding.. won't this break you out? ... (429 replies)
... It's not difficult really because I ate last night and simply won't eat 'til tomorrow morning. I had a hunger pang as I was driving into work this morning but now I feel fine. ... (429 replies)
... I took Psyllium and Activated Charcoal for 10 weeks and drank 1 yakult everyday, but I noticed I started getting hives on my arms, which I have worked out is the yakult. ... (429 replies)

... littledaga, I checked out their web site and Yakult say it's fine to drink more than one bottle per day. Although, personally, I still don't exactly like the taste. ... (429 replies)
... littledaga, I think its fine to take 2 Yakult per day. ... (429 replies)
... I'm from California in the US and i amazingly stumbled upon some yakult!..haha i was just reading these forums a few days ago and when I came into this asian store the other day with my friends..There it was..Yakult cases for sale. ... (429 replies)
... Hey i got the psyllium husk and actived charcoal.. but i couldnt find the Yakult.. should i got ahead and proceed with it even without the yakult? ... (429 replies)
... I live in the UK and I can buy the supplements from health stores on the high street and the Yakult probiotic from the supermarket. Unfortunately it looks like Yakult is not available in the US. However, if you look back at previous posts you will see that other people have found some possible alternatives. ... (429 replies)
... us found in Yakult. However, I would recommend adding Activated Charcoal as well because that supposedly does most of the work in removing the build up of toxins and putrefied matter. GNC do carry it. Please report back with your findings whatever you decide to do! ... (429 replies)
... wait im a little bit confused, so you mean take 2x psyllium husks 500mg and 1x activated charcoal 260mg for lunch and another one for dinner? ... (429 replies)
... Barrett and GNC. ... (429 replies)
... or will I DEFINATELY know when that stuff comes out..i mean before i started this program, i've always been a pretty healthy eater avoiding most processed foods and drinking lossa water. I shall be patient tho and keep trying. ... (429 replies)
... of these posts. It's quite a read. I do all the research for my dd and hopefully she'll consent to try this. I think I'll start her out slowly with half dosages and gently suggest a fast but I won't push it. ... (429 replies)
... sn't contain the same culture of probiotics as Yakult, but the general concensus on this thread has so far been that any probiotic will aid the cleansing process and promote a healthier digestive system. I wouldn't worry too much about the specifics! ... (429 replies)
... coal, the yakult, everyday now. I dunno. I still feel like i'm getting the usually new pimples every two days or so. I know some people had results after 4 weeks and i'm already almost at 4 weeks. But it just seems like my acne has not been "cured". ... (429 replies)
... tata77, the improvement in the condition of my skin was definitely a gradual process as opposed to a sudden one. But I could always tell that my acne was getting less and less severe as the course progressed. ... (429 replies)
... Guys, can I please stress that this is a gradual process of improvement. I very much doubt anyone's acne will turn off like a tap overnight and I don't want to get everybody's hopes up. ... (429 replies)
... worked and putrefied digestive system was unable to deal properly with my daily food intake. ... (429 replies)
... I took it for 18 months. Silly me. I thought it was candy. I thought everybody took it. My poor stomach. Years after filling it up with probiotics and yakult, I still think I am paying the price for taking it for so long To sum up the situation, you have to grow out of acne. Your sebaceous gland must switch off. I went to a dermatalogist last week. This guy is really good.... (13 replies)
... Hi health15, you sound like someone who's already learnt how to reduce the severity of their acne through diet. I hope this can help you! I take my dose of probiotics every day. ... (429 replies)

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