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... Then last sept. my hellish cystic acne returned with a vengence. ... (27 replies)
... but the Yasmin pill seemed to clear it up. ... (0 replies)
... Cyclen all of high school so I didn't have to deal with acne for the most part. Only had a cyst once every few months. When I went off birth control for the first time, at 19, everything was great for over a year. ... (13 replies)

... I have been on Yasmin for 5 months now and I think it was really what cured me. I always knew my acne was hormonal. I am 21 and I only had acne for 1 year because I got off the birth control pill to lose weight and then I went back on the pill after nothing would work for me. ... (9 replies)
Hormonal Acne
Aug 11, 2005
... Just because you are 17 doesn't mean that it couldn't be hormonal acne. It is just that when adults have acne it is usually hormonal. I am 21 and I had the acne all around the chin and the jawline too. ... (5 replies)
... hi, i started getting acne at 14. I used Proactiv at age 23. Worked beautifully for 1.5 years, started breaking out on my chin and jawline very bad. Age 25 i went on accutane and Yasmin. ... (28 replies)
... tweezers, the oil comes out and they almost immediately scab over. Sometimes the oil comes back and sometimes not.....But there are a lot of them. I am on day 21 of this stupid pill, and while I realize that most of the time there is an initial breakout, I just really didn't think I would go through it. ... (2 replies)
... I'm turning 21 soon, and have been fighting against acne for nearly 10 years already. I have tried nearly everything. I spent a fortune on accutane a few years ago, and it worked miracle. ... (1 replies)
... years, however as some may know the doctors won't let you have it for more than 2 years, I then moved to Yasmin which did nothing and then to a variety of others, again no luck. I've also tried taking acne antibiotics with the pill and nothing seems to change. ... (2 replies)
... thanks for posting your story sounds alot like me I am 21 and started to get acne when I was 19 I had perfect clear skin all through high school and then all of the sudden I started to get bad acne at 19. ... (133 replies)
... So my teenage acne disappeared a bit ago (I'm 21). And now I have this completely new "pattern" of acne--on my jawline and neck--where I've never had it before! I've also always been oily, but noticed an increase over the past year. I want to try BCP for acne. I'm thinking Ortho Try Cyclen or Yasmin. QUESTION....Will my derm prescribe BCPs? I am otherwise... (4 replies)
... I never had acne as a teen but when I got off my birth control pills for 3 months last summer my face exploded! I was 20 then and now I am 21. Adult acne is mainly hormonal but maybe that is only in women. Now I am back on the birth control pill Yasmin and my face is getting better. ... (6 replies)
Adult Acne
May 31, 2003
... ut a month ago with adult acne. It was a real blow to me because my doctor said it usually progressively gets worse until you are 27 and i am only 21. Plus i had acne throughout adolesence and it went away around age 18 only to come back now. ... (2 replies)
Hereditary acne!!
Nov 30, 2002
... I was also going to say that 21 year olds can definitely have hormonal acne. ... (7 replies)
... get them not on my cheek and Jawline but my T zone. forehead outer nose and chin. I would get a cyst or 2 plus your normal pimples in High School. When I turned 21 things started getting worse. I started getting 4 and 5 cysts at a time. it was bad. Now Im on Accutane. today is the last day of my 2nd month. ... (96 replies)
... I am also hourglass shaped and had mild hormonal acne. Diane 35 has worked very effectively for me. It is sold in the UK and Canada (by prescription) but not the states. It has yet to be approved in the States. Yasmin is sold there though and is very similar although the anti-androgenetic properties are different. 21 I would definitely recommend you see a endrocrinologist... (42 replies)
... Hi peachy ! I just want to ask u & our friends here if diane 35 has no side effects? I was taking it for 3 -4 yrs. on and off & i like boobs got a lil bigger when i was taking it,good skin meaning i hardly had pimples unlike b4. I didnt took it for pimples/skin prob.. i took it coz i dont want to get pregnant. Anyway, i stopped using it coz they said diane is only... (14 replies)
... thanks so much xia. i am going to see and endo in a few weeks and will ask about both yasmin and spiro. i appreciate all your help! ... (10 replies)
... The Yasmin at first broke me out badly....I guess like the initial breakout. Has improved since then, especially with the change in products. ... (0 replies)
... So, what did you end up doing? Spiro for me after 6 years, at 200mg (AND BC or 3), didn't clear my back or face, but I guess that's because I produce a lot of Testosterone. Dietary changes helped get my skin at 99% clear and the Spiro helps with the hirsutism. However, I really hope that they work for you. =) (10 replies)

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