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... Cyclen all of high school so I didn't have to deal with acne for the most part. Only had a cyst once every few months. When I went off birth control for the first time, at 19, everything was great for over a year. ... (13 replies)
... The suckiest thing is that I know of a combination that works well but my skin can not tolerate it. People say my skin is looking better but I constantly have a cyst on my face that is healing. I used to pick like crazy and have scars galore. Just cystic acne is so depressing and disturbing. THEY JUST PLAIN HURT. ... (24 replies)
... Has anyone else had a good experience with Dermabrasion for acne scarring? ... (0 replies)

Acne and Yasmin
Jan 19, 2006
... So far, it sounds like everyone's acne has gotten worse once they stop Yasmin or other BCPs....does that mean that Yasmin is one of the things that really cleared you up? ... (4 replies)
... ember having trouble. Once I became sexually active around 17 y.o., I went on combined oral contraceptives. I stayed on oral contraceptives, changing brands to Yasmin sometime in 2003. I was on Yasmin approximately 2.5 years. ... (12 replies)
... I definetly think switching to Yasmin helped my acne. I still get some acne, but I swear it's NOTHING like I was getting on Ortho. Ortho for me was my worse enemy. ... (14 replies)
... I'm really hoping Yasmin will help! ... (4 replies)
... ick it out with the Yasmin. Last week was really bad and then I got a HUGE cyst! I do not really get cyts anymore as I was on accutane a few years back, so the Yasmin is definitely not working with my system. I forgot to mention in my previous posts that since I started the Yamsin my skin has been crazy oily. ... (16 replies)
... for the first 3 months, my face got very clear...not completely, but much better. It stayed that way for about 4 months and then I began to develop cystic acne on my chin and jawline that was fierce and worse than I had ever had. ... (27 replies)
... The most cyst I have ever had on my face was seven and all of them were on my jawline. This was month two of the yasmin and I remember I could not sleep on my sides and felt like my teeth were pulled or something. ... (24 replies)
Yasmin users??
Apr 17, 2002
... No, I didn't have cystic acne. I did have acne though and would occasionally get like 1 cyst at a time. I also happen to have a thyroid disorder, which I have a feeling is the reason behind the Yasmin affecting my skin so badly. ... (8 replies)
... Hello everyone, I took my first Yasmin pill last night before bed and when I woke up this morning I was feeling nauseous, and still every now and then the feeling comes and goes. ... (10 replies)
Sep 14, 2007
... I too have just been put on Yasmine due to a lower dose of hormones so my acne helps clear up. I also was put on this vs. orthotricycline to help with headaches I've been having. So far, I haven't noticed a difference. ... (5 replies)
... Yasmin was great while I was on it save for totally killing my libido (had the same problem *plus* terrible weight gain whilst on Diane 35) and although my acne didn't disappear completely, I only got cysts when my immune system was run-down and whiteheads were practically nonexistent. Went off the Pill completely five months ago to save my marriage (that pesky... (12 replies)
Adults with acne?
Apr 19, 2005
... I am a 34 year old female. I have had two courses of Accutane, with the last course being about five years ago. The Accutane seems to have cured me of the big cyst-like pimples and back acne. However, my current and ongoing problem is that I have whiteheads all over. They don't even come to a head, they just spread out under the skin and swell a little. I am also a... (32 replies)
Hormonal acne?
Dec 22, 2004
... tricyclen and Yasmin before. Ortho was good, except for the water weight, but Yasmin gave me one huge cyst every month, which left a scar. ... (0 replies)
... I have been on Yasmin for 4 months and the first month was the worst as far as breakouts are concerned. In the first week, I got huge painful cysts... ... (5 replies)
... oil pads within 4 hours of washing my face, along with acne along my jaw and chin, and the occasional cyst. ... (133 replies)
... oooh - don't use your fingernails to pick. Wrap a piece of tissue paper around your fingers and use that if you must pick. Scarring risk goes way up with nails. our esthetician told us this a long time ago. (28 replies)
... I don't know if it is because of my new treatments or because I just started back to Grad School after 1 month off, but I have 1 big cyst on my forehead and a bunch of closed comedones all around my mouth! ... (28 replies)

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