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... I am 32 and experienced a huge shift in my hormones the fall of last year after stopping intense year of strength training for body building competitions. ... (0 replies)
... I have been on yasmin for 17 days....I was really seeing my skin get better and now in the last few days ...boom! It seems like the tiny ones that have been under my skin and never dome out are all emerging as oil filled tiny an army!! ... (1 replies)
... Yea I have lost weight too instead of gain which is a plus.. But I just wanted to know does the Breakout last for 3 months or does it go away ? ... (16 replies)

... I am now 21. I had a severe cystic breakout when I was 16 and i took Accutane for that and it sort of went least the cysts. ... (27 replies)
... i have been on yasmin two separate times with about a year of ortho tri cyclen in between. ... (4 replies)
... mg of spiro and accutane every other day. I am beginning to feel like this is truly not an acne problem and more to do with my lupus. Very depressing that this last attempt at something is failing. I always get my hopes up and I did think this was helping, but the last week has been 10 here 10 there constantly. ... (2 replies)
... Ok I am at the end of my rope with Yasmin and don't know what to do. The first two cycles I did breakout all over my face ESPECIALLY THE DARN NECK AREA. ... (3 replies)
... ever been this bad. I know there is an initial breakout but I have been reading everywhere that it is androgenic and creates more acne and I don't know if I can last another month even though people also say I should stick it out to see if it clears out. ... (0 replies)
... Okay so I THOUGHT I made it through an initial breakout on this pill at week three and I actually could see myself clearing. Now at the end of week six..........BOOM ! Here I go again!!! ... (8 replies)
Yasmin users!
Sep 20, 2004
... I had an initial breakout and it started to clear up around month 4. It worked wonderfully until last month when I started to breakout again. I mainly went on it for body acne and the acne is definetly still not nearly as bad as it was before Yasmin. ... (7 replies)
... I'm scheduled to start taking Yasmin at the end of the month. I'm switching birth control pills after being on Orthotricyclen for four years. Somehow, just stopped working. ... (1 replies)
... I truly am miserable and don't want to see anyone. At 38 with an 11 year old and life's general errands of the grocery store and school, that is hard!! I look awful and yes I admit I couldn't stand them and I wanted them to heal faster, so I went on a "picking spree".......only to have redness and inflamed spots everywhere. :< .......I wish it would start to heal. I for some... (3 replies)
... Well, under a yasmin search, I stumbled upon a post I wrote 9 months ago when I first started taking this drug and how bad the initial breakout was. I would like to add now that yasmin has cleared me up better than anything I have ever taken in the last 7 years. ... (2 replies)
... only one but I Know for a fact that my face would be halfway presentable by now so I know it has to be the Yasmin. I just am wandering how long this unfortunate breakout will last.. cuz I got to do things and it so hard to go out in the world with a huge breakout .. But I am going to give it some time and see what happens.. ... (16 replies)
... My initial breakout for OTC Lo was HORRIBLE and I don't want that to happen again. ... (36 replies)
... I'm on my first pack, third week of Yasmin. On Tuesday, I will start the placebo pills. The past couple days, I've had a little spotting (very minor, actually I didn't notice anything on my clothing, only when I use the bathroom). And today, I'm even slightly crampy, like I'm about to start. Has anyone else experienced this? The last couple weeks I also got a horrible... (8 replies)
... I know I'm probably freaking out for no reason on this, but I cant help it. I'm going on my 3rd week of yasmin and I'm wondering how long this initial breakout will last. ... (10 replies)
... I just do not think I can stick it out with the Yasmin. Last week was really bad and then I got a HUGE cyst! ... (16 replies)
... No, I am pretty sure the antibiotic will not prevent or help the initial breakout. The initial breakout has nothing to do with bacteria, it is caused by the sudden fluctuation in hormones, and antibiotics have nothing to do with affecting hormones. ... (2 replies)
... I would possibly consider going back to them, but I have heard that certain antibiotics can interfere with the effectiveness of BCPs. I also want to see how the Yasmin and topicals work over the next few months! ... (28 replies)

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