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Yasmin and acne
Sep 21, 2005
... out 2 or 3 weeks and I had alot of whiteheads coming to the surface at once it was really gross. I almost lost hope but then at the 2nd week of the 2nd month the breakouts started to slow. Then by the three month mark I wasn't getting any new pimples! My acne has never been severe but mild and presistant. ... (22 replies)
... to yasmin just over a year ago. ... (1 replies)
?'s on YASMIN..
Feb 7, 2005
... I have been on Yasmin for a year. I still break out, but not nearly as severe as when I was not on it. When I went off of it, I got cystic type breakouts. ... (9 replies)

Yasmin and acne?
Jan 27, 2005
... I will start taking it this Sunday. I didn't know if I should start, since I just read ppl said it will give more breakouts and the side effects. I have not take any birth control pills before. So now I hesitate...I really want to have good skins. I have acne skin for 4 yrs... ... (17 replies)
... yet another question to all the yasmin users! ... (10 replies)
... severe breakouts and no sex drive, and I'm not just talking your typical "honey I have a headache", I'm talking that the engine room is not working. ... (10 replies)
... ly on my forehead. But I can say I have never had acne on the sides of my neck and jawline. This is all new since starting Yasmin. By the way the 1st month on yasmin was's been going downhill since. Thanks for the advise. ... (10 replies)
... I started yasmin at the beginning of december --continually --skipping the white pills week --and did notice this seems to be the only thing that has helped, and has made my skin less are my concerns though.. ~i know weight loss is common for this specific pill---but did anybody gain weight? I have gained some but am not positive it is the pill, since i lost... (10 replies)
... I noticed your posts on this topic go way back several months, so i am wondering if now, you'd recommend yasmin after using it? ... (61 replies)
... Well, I'm on my 4th day of Yasmin so it's too early to tell yet. I think both pills work for different people. ... (2 replies)
... ve noticed a SIGNIFICANT reduction in oil production on my face. I can go through almost the entire day without blotting my face. However, I am still having some breakouts but I can tell those will probably be gone by the end of my third month. ... (8 replies)
Oct 9, 2001
... Well, it has been 3 weeks for me on Yasmin and I have had terrible breakouts. I was put on a 10 day cycle of Tetracycline to hopefully help clear up my skin for this weekend. ... (19 replies)
Jul 10, 2007
... I noticed clearer skin/fewer monthly breakouts probably about 2-3 months after starting Yasmin. (11 replies)
Jun 22, 2007
... cyclen. She stayed on it for 5 months with no end in sight to the breakouts. She waited a couple of years and is now on Yasmin and she noticed clearing almost immediately. Keep us posted. ... (11 replies)
Yasmin For acne?
Sep 1, 2006
... Did it help clear your skin or atleast make your breakouts less severe? ... (10 replies)
... Hi, Im new here- I have had acne since I am 11, now Im 26 and still have it- was on accutane twice when I was in high school it temporarily helped but acne has been back for years..never had a free month without acne seriously...forget the scars, ive got active breakouts- i'm on yasmin, on tazorac, which doesnt even dry it out! was on antibiotics my whole life lol not anymore,... (8 replies)
... I have mild but persistent breakouts. Yasmin not really working well, although the smoothness of my skin is great. ... (3 replies)
... Not necessarily- I was on the Nuva Ring (form of bc) for almost 3 months and it GAVE me acne. My skin was pretty decent until then. Now its really thin and red in some areas from repeated deep cystic breakouts, and I still have little teeny under-the-skin white bumps oh my jawline and cheeks. Sucks. Thats why I wanna know so much about Yasmin, to see if it can it revert back. (12 replies)
... wise. I hear what you are saying though about being on it forever...especially because when the hormones rage again during pregnancy, many women get bad breakouts they never had before. Ugh. ... (12 replies)
Yasmin and acne
Sep 21, 2005
... my best friend has had acne since she was 14, and when she started to get really bad breakouts, her mother had their family doctor put her on yasmin almost 2 years ago. her skin has been clear ever since. ... (22 replies)

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