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Oily skin
Nov 23, 2003
... your face has turned into an oil field within the last hour. so i reckon it's a good idea as any to at least attempt to reduce it. i know with my skin, the less oily it is, the less spots i get so that's another good reason. ... (10 replies)
... I have had the worst luck with oily skin....tried everything under the sun except accutane. The one thing that has worked for me is being on Yasmin. I can't beleive I can say that now. ... (5 replies)
... Sorry it took so long to respond. I find that Yasmin helps reduce the oil on my face. ... (5 replies)

... wouldn't prescribe me Spiro because she says it hasn't been used for a long period of time and thus, she didn't want to take the risk of me going on it just for oily skin. ... (4 replies)
... t back on BCP cause I figured something was wrong internally and my gyno reccomended but never did bloodwork and he recomended mircette or yamsin for me, I chose Yasmin cause I heard you don't gain weight with it. ... (80 replies)
... Following this is a list of the products I've been using for about 9 months. It's working really well for me. You'll notice on the list that I take Yasmin Birth Control which is fairly new to the U.S. ... (5 replies)
... I've been on Yasmin for only one month but i see an improvment already in my skin. But so you know, I've had two facials within the past 6 weeks. ... (27 replies)
... Sorry to hear about your face. Remember that some meds give an initial breakout. Which is due to the forcing the gunk out of the pores. 3 weeks sounds like spiro could be the cause. Not for sure, but don't stop a med because it isn breaking you out worse at first. That actually means it is working. Id ask the derm about this, tell him/her your face is looking worse, they may... (2 replies)
... very oily skin. I have had acne for ten years and have been on antibotics and various topicals. Now my skin is worse then ever. I have been off the yasmin now for two weeks, but it just won't clear. Has anyone else experienced this? ... (2 replies)
... Believe me, I've tried just about everything for my oily skin. ... (4 replies)
... c of a hysterectomey 4 years am I right that this yasmin will just block the male hormone from the adrenal gland? ... (4 replies)
... I was taking diane35 pills ofr 3 years, to milden the symptoms. They did make my skin a little bit better, i was getting much less deep infections, but it's not like it was a miraculous change. ... (0 replies)
... jaw area. I also had very oily skin. I'm telling you that within a week! of starting Yasmin, the oil was GONE!! My acne was gone in two weeks. ... (2 replies)
Yasmin For acne?
Sep 2, 2006
... takes about 3 months to see the full effects of it, but so far I haven't broken out really bad, and I usually do before I get my period. Also, I have extremely oily skin and I've noticed that Yasmin has improved that for me already. ... (10 replies)
... I just wanted to ask you some questions. I've had similar experiences with you. I'm currently on my third course of Accutane, which clears up my skin completely. I normally have really oily skin, which I think is the cause of my breakouts. ... (5 replies)
... Great for someone with oily skin though. ... (4 replies)
... I was wondering the same thing since the Yasmin I'm taking isn't controlling my oily skin. ... (3 replies)
... I have heard that Yasmin has a small amount of spiro in it, which a lot of dermatologists use to treat acne. ... (80 replies)
... to help with my acne. Isn't Yasmin known for helping to eliminate acne? ... (2 replies)
... and I dont want to take it again. She asked if I tried orthotricyclen and I told her I took for about 8 months and it didnt help at all. I just started taking yasmin about 3 weeks ago since I've heard so many good things about it. ... (80 replies)

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