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... I was reading your posts on the Antibiotics vs. Accutane post and just wanted to say... ME TOO! I am married, 24 and developed hormonal cystic acne whilst on Alesse 28 last year. ... (20 replies)
... I have done a TON of research on birth control pills. My GYN once told me that any birth control pill will help acne but that just is not true. ... (14 replies)
Orhto Update
Jan 19, 2003
... I have been contemplating trying Ortho Tri Cyclen to help treat my acne, but now I'm not so sure. ... (1 replies)

... Cyclen and my acne came back. So I switched back to the brand name and the acne has cleared up again. ... (6 replies)
... cyclen was probably one of the things that was making me break out. She said that estrostep and yasmin were the two best for acne. I don't have really bad acne. I guess that you could call it mild. ... (7 replies)
... yasmin your talkin about. 1st off, what kind of acne to you all have? ... (7 replies)
... cyclen was horrible for my daughter, however. She gave up on it after 5 months and went on accutane. Yasmin is working much better for her. I am puzzled by bc pills and how the results vary from person to person. ... (6 replies)
Please help me
Aug 27, 2004
... I was doing the first before starting Yasmin and it cleared me up nicely but I needed something for body acne so that's when I went on Yasmin. ... (6 replies)
... Hi! Welcome to the board! :) I was also on Mircette and it didn't do a thing for my skin. Some people have had good luck with Ortho Tri-Cyclen. Others have had horrible luck with it. It really varies from person to person. Yasmin seems to be working very well for a lot of people. It worked very well for me - after 4 months of use my skin was completely... (8 replies)
... Well, a little history about me... My skin has always been extremely oily, and I've suffered with acne since age 13. ... (3 replies)
... You've been on Yasmin long enough, and if it's not helping, definately try another pill. ... (1 replies)
... cyclen did not work for my daughter but Yasmin did. That is because of the drsp in it that is comparable to spironolactone. ... (6 replies)
... cyclen lo to yasmin to try to clear up my acne. Everyone tells me it's not that bad, but it's bad enough to make me not want to go outside some days. The ortho lo didn't do much for it, maybe cleared it up a little bit, but i was getting cysts around my jawline pretty much nonstop. ... (15 replies)
... So, what did you end up doing? Spiro for me after 6 years, at 200mg (AND BC or 3), didn't clear my back or face, but I guess that's because I produce a lot of Testosterone. Dietary changes helped get my skin at 99% clear and the Spiro helps with the hirsutism. However, I really hope that they work for you. =) (10 replies)
... I'm a 21 year old female. I have moderate acne and oily oily skin. Blackheads all over nose, nose area and forehead, some on chin. I have acne on my jawline, cheeks and a few on forehead. In addition, I have acne on my chest, back and neck. ... (10 replies)
... Don't switch yet! I always had mild acne until one day I started bleeding on ortho tri cyclen so I switched pills and then I broke out really badly. I was so upset so I switched again, and again and again. My skin got worse and worse and worse. ... (5 replies)
... I recommend Yasmin as well. your story sounds similar to mine. ... (8 replies)
... Hi Laura! I've been on orth tri-cyclen, ortho cyclen, and most recently for 3 months, necon 1/35. The first two did nothing for my acne, good or bad, and the last one, necon, messed up my face. I've steadily been on BCP for 4.5 years, so it's helpful to be reminded things like "take it at night" if you feel sick. I'll see if my tummy calms down this week, and if it... (36 replies)
... Maybe you could try to find a BCP that is similar to Diane 35 in content, but avaliable in the US. I believe that Yasmin is similar. ... (6 replies)
... please dont get down too much!! the breakout dosnt always happen to every trying yasmin right now because its one that ive heard many good things about on the boards...but still some people say it didnt help trying it anyway... ... (17 replies)

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