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... Does b5 work for any certain types of acne better than others? ... (6 replies)
... i know.. im on my path to BCPs.. my bro used doxy successfully so i tried that first, thinking it would work for me.. he uses 100mgs a day and his acne was a little worse than mine.. lol, not anymore.. ... (0 replies)
... how bad was ur acne when you first started tazorac? ... (8 replies)

Any ideas???
Jun 12, 2004
... was it the pill or my illness that kept the acne under control? ... (4 replies)
... tation with a derm on Monday. I hear he has a new machine that is used monthly and it cleared my friend's son up so we'll see about that. Sulpha drugs actually work very well for her. Bactrim, which is a sulpha drug, cleared her up nicely for a long time. Maybe I should mention that to him. ... (3 replies)
... I'm 19 and have had moderate acne since I was about 15. I started with Differen which didn't work and moved on to Retin A Mico which made my face horribly irritated and red. Moved on to using nothing... just washing my face with soap and covering the acne. ... (29 replies)
Yonka products
Feb 15, 2004
... and yasmin and have gotten great results. ... (14 replies)
... Maybe you might know the answer for me. I used proactiv at age 23. i had acne since i was 14 all over my face, not 1 area. Proactiv totally worked for me!! Around 2 yrs later I developed acne on my chin and jawline only. ... (14 replies)
... Birth control pills can be extremely effective in controlling acne for many people. It hasn't been that great for me but that's a whole other story. ... (3 replies)
Polysystic ovaries
Sep 15, 2003
... one woman found out that she had high copper levels. Then she found out that natural progesterone cream would help balance this and so when she took it, her acne went away and her menstrual cycle regulated. ... (22 replies)
Chin Acne
Aug 20, 2003
... to cure hormonal acne only with topical treatments. For me, the only thing that has worked for this kind of acne is oral contraceptives. ... (5 replies)
... I've also mentioned my thoughts on your antibiotic so I won't go into that here. No, a DERM will NOT help you STOP the acne but he will be beneficial again once it's calmed down and stopped. Then you can work at having "perfect" or at least healthy "normal" skin. ... (17 replies)
... Try to use it with a topical form of the antibiotic. Now that you've found something that works for you, maybe the topical form of an antibiotic will work along with it and when you have to stop using it, your skin will be "used " to the topical? ... (3 replies)
Ortho Tri Cyclen
Dec 18, 2002
... Orthotricyclen didn't work for me at all. ... (9 replies)
... Dear Mightmomma: Diane 35 (aka Dianette) is not available in the US. It is in Canada and Mexico. I used Ortho-tricyclen for about 5 years and it helped moderately. I used Diane 35 and I can say it also worked. But it is hard for me to compare since when I was on Diane 35 my skin was in a major flair due to hormonal changes. There is another pill available in the... (16 replies)
... spot acne treatment, which contains 2. ... (4 replies)
... It sounds like you are drying the top layer of your skin from different products. Overuse can actually make your acne worse. There is a product sold by prescription called Differin. The cream is less drying than the gel. I have found this product to work very well. ... (8 replies)
... c of mood swings. I never had bad acne before so I never took bcp's for it so I didn't realize that I was going to be in some crap by switching. I get cyst ance I would just get like one big cyst. ... (4 replies)
Jul 11, 2006
... i really think that is the problem with me, i on only on my 3rd month right now. I have an appointment with my gyno tomorrow so i am hopeing she will put me on yasmin and spiro i have been hearing so many good things about it and i really think it would help me. ... (5 replies)
... It's been awhile since I have and work keep me busy! ... (44 replies)

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