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... dose Yasmin and I dont know if it will make a difference...? ... (63 replies)
... reakout was massive when I started Yasmin. It cleared up a bit around the second month, but then it returned. But everybody told me to stick it out, despite my acne being the worst it had been in my life, and now I'm starting month five and my skin is looking SO MUCH BETTER! ... (10 replies)
... I know I'm probably freaking out for no reason on this, but I cant help it. I'm going on my 3rd week of yasmin and I'm wondering how long this initial breakout will last. ... (10 replies)

... Yasmin is indeed a birth control pill, and it is relatively new. It is "special" because it helps to surpress androgens, which is a hormone that contributes to most hormonal acne (which is usually exhibited as cysts around the mouth, chin, and jaw). Usually, it takes at least 3 months (cycles) to see results. There may also be some "purging" or initial breakout in... (2 replies)
... If Yasmin doesn't work, try Spironocultane. There are a lot of different kinds of treatments for hormonal acne. Go to an endocrinologist if birth control or spiro. ... (10 replies)
Yaz and acne
Oct 16, 2007
... biotics might help her get over the hump till the bc pills kick in. Bactrim and sal. acid peels worked wonders for my daughter at that age. The bc pills should work in time. Also, consider adding some spironolactone in. She might need more hormonal control than just the yaz. Acne treatment requires great patience. ... (46 replies)
... I'm not allergic to anything, no one in my family is, I've suffered from adult acne since I turned 30 for no obvious reason. I started taking the Yasmin BCP two months ago but it hasn't made any difference at all, disappointingly. ... (10 replies)
Acne problem
Aug 7, 2005
... You need to find a derm. that will provide you with accutane. You need to tell the derm. all the things you have tried and that they did not work and you really need to demand accutane. Doxycycline worked for me along with Differin and Klaron and yasmin birth control. My derm. ... (8 replies)
Hormonal Acne
Mar 3, 2005
... Ok...I'm just like you, I only break out during my period. Here's the 2 BCP that didn't work for me (in fact made my acne worse): Yasmin (awful), Ortho Tri Cyclen (not as bad). Desogen is the only one that worked in controlling my hormonal acne. My skin is much better now that I don't take any BCP. I'm taking 100mg of spiro and getting high grade glycolic peels one a... (1 replies)
... Can I ask what kind of acne you had, that b5 did not work for? ... (4 replies)
... I can certainly relate to you...I had acne as a teen and watched my daughter have it in her teens too. ... (10 replies)
... Finish out your pack but I'd ask the doctor to switch. Yasmin and desogen are supposed to be the ones that truly are the best for acne. ... (7 replies)
... androgenic properties, work best. ... (15 replies)
... i have tried a lot of these products but i think they are not working i think they can't work if there is a problem inside.what u say? ... (7 replies)
... There has been a lot of discusson about the bc pill on this board so you could do a search on it for lots of input. There is an adjustment period on the pill. Some respond immediately, some take 3 to 6 months. Some have said it took a year. You have to take a wait and see attitude. For example, ortho-tri-cyclen did not work for dd but Yasmin (plus spiro) seems to be... (7 replies)
... Get the book the hormonally vulnerable woman by geoffrey redmond. It's great. Birth control kept me under control forever until I switched the pill to alesse be/c of the mood swings i was getting on ortho tri cyclen. Alesse made my skin go nuts and I am still paying for it! Big time!!! But I read about spiro on this board (do a search for it on here and in that book it... (3 replies)
Acne on Nuvaring
Sep 24, 2005
... Hey I have been on Yasmin which helped a little with my mild acne but gave me other side effects that I didnt like but I liked that it didnt make me gain any weight after that I tried ortho tri-cyclen and that messed up my skin really bad it made it really oily???? Now I am on Diane 35 and I love it my skin is great and I have only been on it for 2 weeks now!! But any way... (1 replies)
... If you think your acne is hormonal, Ortho Tri-cyclen and Desogen both have anti-androgenic (testosterone-binding) properties, which can help a lot. I've tried OTC and it didn't work at all for me (maybe it made it worse) but I'm on Desogen now and I love it. My skin looks a lot better and my periods are SOOO light. Yasmin is also good - it has a light dose of spironolactone,... (4 replies)
... There certainly are! Birth control pill (Yasmin, Diane, etc) - if you're female this should be your first choice spironolactone - works as an anti-androgen accutane - use once you've exhausted all other methods antibiotics - can work for minor acne vitamins - vitamins A, C, E, B and Zinc are especially good. And I'm sure there are more out there but that's a start. (4 replies)
... Wouldn't the pill work for you then? ... (27 replies)

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