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... Is acne the only reason that he prescribed birth control pills ? ... (3 replies)
Yaz and acne
Nov 3, 2006
... How bad was your acne before? ... (46 replies)
Desogen for acne
Dec 29, 2011
... Hello, my gyno prescribed desogen as my BC. She said it would help my acne issues. I was on accutane which cleared up my skin A LOT! BUT I still get a pimple here and there. I was on Yaz and I was never clear! ... (0 replies)

... then took 50 mg Spiro to "maintain" the effects of Accutane. My skin became perfectly clear so I dropped down to 25 mg Spiro. When I lowered my Spiro dosage my acne came back worse than ever, and that's when I started 100mg Spiro and 90mg Solodyn, which is what I'm on now. With lots of scars and still emerging pimples. ... (10 replies)
... anyone ever hear of the BC pill yaz helpin with big time oil? ... (10 replies)
... until recently. I'm not sure why I broke out but I don't think it has anything to do with Trinessa. I have heard that Yaz and Yasmin are supposed to help with acne but I've never personally used either of them.... ... (2 replies)
... i have tried a lot of these products but i think they are not working i think they can't work if there is a problem inside.what u say?i will ask abut spironolactone.thanks for the the birth control pills effect my hormones will u explain plz? (7 replies)
... Birth control may actually help with facial hair and Acne by regulating hormones.Yaz and Yasmin especially.If you don't want to be on a birth control pill,you could ask your doctor about Spironolactone. ... (7 replies)
... but from what I have read Yaz could be helpful in your situation. I diagnosed a friend of my child as having PCOS which I have researched to years as my sisters suffer from it. ... (12 replies)
... about spiro and now she is taking 100mgs and bcp for her regulating cycle. she needs to be at 200mgs. but shes a little scared. her face is clearing up sheis on yaz too. maybe this is a betterbcp. i think this is going to be the miracle for her. she looks and feels great. you have to drink tons of water. ... (12 replies)
Yaz and acne
Oct 16, 2007
... t being her 1st year in high school...she feels like everyone is staring at her face. She plays volleyball and sweats and I'm afraid this is contributing to her acne problem. I don't know how else to help her. ... (46 replies)
... Yaz did help with my cystic acne though, which is mostly what I have a problem with. If spiro works for that then it's worth a shot, I think I'll try to find a dermatologist. ... (2 replies)
... It must be, I'm getting like these huge under the skin ones for some reason and I amnearing my second month. this happened to me when I first started yaz and I don't know why it is happening again since I'm taking 200mgs of spiro on top of that. ... (133 replies)
YAZ users - ???
Jan 30, 2009
... I was thinking about doing a microdermabrasion as well but I heard it doesn't help with existing acne, so I think I might wait until I'm completely clear. If you do it, can you please let me know if it was a success? ... (45 replies)
... eep moving on with the routine, I'm pretty much sure you will start seeing some positive effect soonest. if possible go for benzoyl peroxide as a facial cream to help reduce the amount of clogged pores on your face. ... (3 replies)
... I just started taking Yasmin about 2 weeks ago, and like you guys, my skin was almost perfext,except for a few break outs before my period.. But now my skin is breaking out terribly.. Does anyone suggest getting off the pill? Or do the skin (pimples) get worse before the skins gets better???? PLZ help!! (9 replies)
... But, i'll be happy for the time being since I have been battling moderate to severe acne since I was 13ish. ... (4 replies)
Can Yaz Help?
Aug 22, 2007
... I had well bad acne and went on yasmin and it cleared my skin totally. I only got the odd spot while on it. ... (4 replies)
... but i continued to get cystic acne. i brought this up to my dermatologist and she said it won't help with cystic and gave me clindamycin to help with that. ... (0 replies)
... severe acne, it's all about using a combination of things to come at the acne from several directions, instead of just one or two prescriptions, topical only, antibiotic only, etc. ... (8 replies)

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