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... st 4 days, and my skin has never looked this good, I got a couple of scars on my legs that should dissapear with time, I tried the Digestion Cleanse 2 months ago and that just didn't clear my acne up, and after reading this thread and noticing a few of the symptons in myself. ... (187 replies)
... Hey ErimusValidus, wanted to respond to you in my thoughts on zantac helping my constipation. First I want to say I don't know for sure why this is occuring but I have two ideas. ... (187 replies)
... i have a question. Should i wait few more years to see if my acne goes away by itself cuz i just turned 20 and my acne has calmed down a little. I heard that most teens loose their acne at like 21 or 22. ... (187 replies)

... ow shy you were when you were a child, if you had trouble making friends, etc. When I was a young kid, I remembered being very shy. I had trouble making friends, and relating to others. I wasn't as rowdy as others, and I often focused a lot on my schoolwork, paying little attention to having fun. ... (187 replies)
... Do they have Type I Diabetes or Type II? Of course, either one doesn't matter, because some people just respond through their skin. We are SOOOO lucky, huh? ;-) (187 replies)
... OK, I've been trying the Clarityn for a couple of weeks now, zero benefit, so I'm going to stop and buy some Zantac, and keep everyone posted. ... (187 replies)
... has anyone else tried Zantac and has a great exprerience with it? ... (187 replies)
... I may be wrong about Ranitidine and absorption. I'm waiting for others to weigh in. ... (187 replies)
... Just wanted to let everyone know I have been using ranitidine tablets now for a couple months. It has been the most effective acne treatment I've ever used and also has helped me greatly with keeping my bowel movements regular. ... (187 replies)
... Maybe zantac will slow acne, but im afraid it wont get rid of the scars. I'm going to try and get my doctor to prescribe me accutane on wednesday. ... (187 replies)
... determines the high histamine levels and it is exposure to the histamine in the womb and early development that determines many of the structural features of the syndrome, such as long fingers. ... (187 replies)
... m also 20 years old. I wish acne did just go away all of a sudden but from the horror stories I have read I think we would be stupid just to believe that it did and still be stuck with it in years to come. I have come to the point where the acne itself just depresses me and makes me not want to go out in public. ... (187 replies)
... I'm not one to take medication, but I saw somewhere in that thread that there was a natural alternative to Zantac. Something "Seed", can't remember. (7 replies)
... ll the symptoms of histadelia. I'm thin, always been thin no matter how much i eat, just can't gain weight as fast as i would like. I also get heartburn at times and i'm very shy. I also get acne on my jaw line and up to my temples on both sides. btw, im 20 male and had moderate with some cystic acne since 14. ... (187 replies)
... Well try it and less us know how it goes. ... (187 replies)
... Am thin, 114 pounds, 5 feet 7 inches, have too much energy, don't really sleep at night, have all the histadelic symptoms, allergic to horses, and sometimes allergic to aubergines and coconuts, but strangely, not all of the time. Also used to faint a lot... and feel cold a lot of the time. ... (187 replies)
... my only concern with taking the zantac is that it lowers stomach acid which might be detrimental to digesting ur food and getting the proper nutrients from it. many people with acne might have low stomach acids and don't digest well so i don't know about the zantac. ... (187 replies)
... Well people, I've decided once and for all to see how much truth is in this theory since no one else appears to be. ... (187 replies)
... so it appears that the zantac stops high histamine levels which causes acne in people like us. ... (7 replies)
... That's what I thought when I was 20, so I kept with topicals from the derm and here I am 24 with the same problem. So if your acne is mild, and it can be controlled with topicals, either OTC or prescription, maybe thats a good way to go, but don't always count on it just going away once you hit 22. ... (187 replies)

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