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... It burns when you apply it, but it helps acne scabs to heal quickly with less occurrence of scarring. ... (7 replies)
Zit Popper
Sep 15, 2004
... anyone know how to get scabs to heal faster? ... (9 replies)
... I for one do not pop anything on my face anymore. I took a long time to stop but my face looks much better. I don't have red marks and scabs all over my face anymore. I can handle a few whiteheads for a couple of days till they go away themselves. ... (1 replies)

... Some of my red marks will go away in a few days ,ones with scabs a lil longer.Other red marks just as soon as they get close to going away they form into a zit again which requires more glycolic treatment because I can't stand a zit that isn't flat ! ... (10 replies)
... Not me, I was the ONLY one. And It was was all dried up with some scabs and stuff. Not to sound mean but you shouldnt even be on this web site.. your lucky that y ous hasnt gotten as bad as mine. ... (18 replies)
... le who WERE or are "Face Pickers" I as of yesterday have decided to stop Picking my face which I have through my own stupidity picked and made a mess of my face! scabs and soreness , I am intersted to hear if people do really overcomes this.... ... (31 replies)
Poping pimples?
Oct 13, 2003
... y look alot better, unless of course they are just hanging out there, and sometimes they do look better when you pop but usually no. I also found that when I had scabs all over my face I looked wierd like chicken pocks or rash or burned or something. See when someone sees you have zits they know OK she has zits big deal. ... (7 replies)
... or whether its just red, puffed up and out in the open with no cover on it, PEOPLE CAN TELL IT'S A ZIT EITHER WAY! Stop trying to kid yourself ....make up makes the zit look even worse. ... (13 replies)
... I have just done my third night and I have to say I continue to be impressed with the results! I now have no bumps at all under my skin and I have a few little scabs and three marks which appear to be fading already! I don't know why in the word I was never put on this stuff before? ... (6 replies)
... this morning one more zit came to head. Last cyst left has shrunk more, about pea size now. All other acne is now in its healing process. ... (11 replies)
Is this acne?
Oct 22, 2004
... I've heard of the scabs on the scalp... i think it is called acne necrosis or something...So i'd look into that. Might wanna get your hormones checked to while you are at it... ... (6 replies)
... ed under the skin, and has come back. So I pick at it, trying to pop it. I don't really succeed, and end up drawing a teeny bit of blood. So I leave it alone. It scabs over, and flattens out, and I hope the mark will at least be smaller when the scab comes off. ... (7 replies)
... I've always been told that popping a zit is a really bad idea. Not only can your zit get infected, but you can cause more pimples to appear. Not to mention scarring that can happen if you've pushed too hard and let it bleed. ... (6 replies)
... is going to help. I also am not secure about myself when I go to interviews. Even worse is I tend to pick my oh my god things that come to a head so I often have scabs on my face and sometimes they are big. Even worse, the scabs sometimes get a new zit again. ... (49 replies)
... Yep you read right there is now a big chunk out of my cheeek all thanks to a stupid zit I didnt leave alone! I have been through hell for the past 9 months with cysts because of diane35. You can imagine the marks I have left. ... (3 replies)
... c my complexion is actually healing and looking normal again. I do not want to ruin it with ugly scabs that will end up being red marks for months. I believe it is harder not to pick when my face is covered than it is when I only have a few bumps here and there. ... (11 replies)
... it's been eleven days since my last session and all the scabs have come off. the treated areas are still pink of course. some of the scars have completely disappeared but they are a minority. ... (84 replies)
... it's been eleven days since my last session and all the scabs have come off. the treated areas are still pink of course. some of the scars have completely disappeared but they are a minority. ... (118 replies)
... I'm sorry you're having a flare-up. I had them occasionally even on Accutane, but I thought it might be hormonal (I'm a girl)/menstrually related. All I can recommend is that you try using a mixture of 10% over-the-counter Benzoyl peroxide mixed with hydrocortisone cream (also in the drugstore) on cysts. Unfortunately, I used that to deflate the cysts and bring them to a... (2 replies)
Is this acne?
Oct 22, 2004
... more like red bumps. on the top of my nose there is a red speck that has been there for at least a year now. that tiny red spot was once some sort of a zit/pimple. right now i have like 3 on my forehead, 1 inbetween my nose and cheek (6 replies)

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