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... I have these small red zits that keeps coming around my mouth, sort of like a smaller cyst, and red. They are sore only when I move my mouth a certain way, and I noticed they are very oily zits. Does anyone know what is causing these tiny zits in one spot, or how can I treat them to go away quicker? ... (1 replies)
... i've been using retin A micro for about 9 months now, and, while i like the way my zits have been reduced, i have excessive peeling around the mouth area and often wake up with white flakes all around my mouth...this is kinda embarrassing to wake up with when i'm with my bf...i use it 1x per day, at night... ... (2 replies)
... of my acne is around my mouth, chin,and jawline too. What's weird is that I rarely use to get zits in the places I do now. ... (16 replies)

... try using carmex..that is what i am using now..i have tried everything else and they gave me the bumps around my mouth and new zits.... ... (2 replies)
... 1)Back of neck 2)Upper arms 3)Nose 4) around mouth (19 replies)
... e. I would also have a smattering of red inflamed pimples that sometimes would come to a head, and sometimes not. Also, I would get cysts. Sometimes one a month, around that time, but frequently i would have one active, festering cyst at any given time. ... (5 replies)
Sep 29, 2006
... een using the Neutrogena Acne wash bar for about 7 or 8 months now and it doesnt seem to work very well. it kind of cleared up my forehead but i still have 2 big zits on it. it wiped out my tiny ones on my forehead luckily. the problem now is that i have really bad acne all over my mouth and chin area. ... (5 replies)
... to the GNC brand. Now, after 2 weeks back on the GNC brand, I am breaking out like CRAZYYY! I mean, I am waking up every morning with two huge zits!! Especially around my mouth! Its horrible! I mean, my skin texture is nice and no oil but these huge crazy zits around my mouth annd next to my nose! UGH! I am at 6 g per day. ... (16 replies)
Retin-a micro
May 29, 2001
... load of zits around my mouth and forehead. ... (6 replies)
Eating and acne
Jul 31, 2002
... Washing my whole mouth area off is a MUST for me after I eat or else I will get those really tough long lasting zits around my mouth if I don't.I got 2 this morning from either the water that dripped of my Romaine lettuce all over my mouth or the cottage cheese I ate last night. ... (2 replies)
... Hey Brujeria, when you "Jack off" your blood pressure rises and you start sweating. Acne is caused by bacteria and when you sweat even a little, the sweat "feeds' the acne bacteria, causing zit flare ups... If I were you, I would try to find a good skin wash and acne treatment. Take your hands off your privates long enough to wash and treat your acne a little more often.... (73 replies)
... i myself....i'm paranoid about wacking off then getting zits....I have a lot...and they say its hormonal acne....really bad zits around the mouth, chin and upper lip....but no zits on my forehead..its weird? ... (73 replies)
... Ok... I finally finished my treatment of Accutane and the zits on my cheeks aren't coming back. But a new problem has come forth, now whenever I shave I always get ingrown hairs on my chin and around my mouth. ... (2 replies)
Home peels
Mar 13, 2005
... what kind of acne does everyone here have. I have little red bumbs and white head around my temples and forehead and just a few red zits around my mouth. Its werid because it is not like they are huge zits or anything and it feels like i'm so close to being clear but i'm not. ... (8 replies)
... OMG, I've been using this Colgate Simply White for 8 months and for the past four months have broke out IMMENSELY around my chin area. And guess what. It has sodium lauryl sulfate in the ingredients. I just checked. Jesus. ... (16 replies)
... clear advantage on Saturday. Today is monday and I notice a considerable difference. I had 4 red swollen zits around my mouth and now they are flat and dried out and almost gone. I always have flare ups around my mouth area. ... (9 replies)
... been here in over a month as things were clearning up for me...Ive been using StievaA and it seems to have done the trick, until the last week or so....had a few zits around my mouth and chin that looked horrible, but just when i thought it couldnt get any worse, it does.... ... (3 replies)
... zits around my mouth, as well as chin area. I have a dentist appointment today. ... (15 replies)
... ok at the ingredients in your toothpaste. If it's crest of colgate, it proly has sodium lauryl sulfate in it and could be the reason you're getting pimples just around your mouth. Sodium lauryl sulfate works as i think a foaming agent in toothpaste, but there's something else in coconut oil that does the same thing. ... (16 replies)
... i have the same problem...around my mouth and chin gets dry and in the winter i break out but in the summer im fine cause its not dry..... ... (15 replies)

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