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Zits on my Chin
Nov 30, 2003
... not (6 replies)
Zits on my Chin
Nov 29, 2003
... Do you talk on the phone alot? ... (6 replies)
... Tea tree oil is better than the tee tree gel. It absorbs quicker and really attacks the inflammation. I use it on cysts all the time with great results. Use it two or three times a day until the cyst opens up and shrinks. ... (6 replies)

... i get big huge zits on my chin usually every month or so and i know that they can be very painful and depressing! ... (6 replies)
... One zit on chin is turning into a huge zit. Even though I'm breaking out more, the zits seem to have a shorter lifecycle. ... (35 replies)
... Large zit on chin and upperlip. A few more zits on forehead. ... (35 replies)
... Breaking out on the bridge of my nose. ... (35 replies)
Zits on my Chin
Nov 30, 2003
... and 1 gentle moisturizer to use on dry areas. ... (6 replies)
Zits on my Chin
Nov 28, 2003
... male...and i have really bad acne around my checks and on my chin....WHY! ... (6 replies)
... Then about 3 years ago, I started getting a little acne on my back and I really didn't think much of it and didn't do anything about it.... but it got worse and worse and worse. ... (3 replies)
... I would advise you to at least take a break from using the tretinoin on that area, and let your skin heal. ... (8 replies)
... Ok... I finally finished my treatment of Accutane and the zits on my cheeks aren't coming back. But a new problem has come forth, now whenever I shave I always get ingrown hairs on my chin and around my mouth. ... (2 replies)
... I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it sounds like a cold sore - also known as herpes simplex 1 virus. Whatever you do don't try and pick it it will spread the virus to other areas of your face. I hope that it turns out to be an irritant to the retin-A!! I would see a dermatologist Good luck (8 replies)
... I have this thing on my chin, and I don't know that it is rash. But it's really red and has a bunch of tiny tiny bumps, probably tiny zits. And on top of it, it's really dry and flacky. I think it's just really dry skin. But I've been using tretinoin and this antibiotic astringent. ... (8 replies)
... I rarely had a pimple until this football season I got huge, bacteria filled zits on my chin. Since then, I rarely get zits, but I have red dots all over my face. They arn't bumps and don't form white heads. ... (1 replies)
... a, doxycycline, and otc. nothing in my routine has changed. it's all very strange because most of my zits prior to taking the meds were on my jawline, chin, and cheeks. Then, my face almost completely cleared up, and now, my forehead is covered with them. Very very strange. ... (9 replies)
... I am only breaking about badly between ovulation and my period and it is concentrated on chin and I have the mirroring zits. ... (8 replies)
... i have zits on my chin/jawline. they are red/swollen and hard. they don't have stuff in them, there are just a few white heads. they are hard though. some of my acne have little weird yellow seed things. i am a female and i wonder if it means i have some kinda hormonal problem. (1 replies)
... I've heard the same exact thing, that's it's hormonal. I went on Orthotrycyclen Lo about two years ago and I put on 10 lbs. so there is no way I'm doing that again. I'd rather have zits than flab. ... (6 replies)
Pimples on chin
Jul 19, 2004
... Hello everyone. Recently in the past few months I have been getting zits around my chin area and have noticed 1 or 2 on my scalp. Does anyone know what it may be? ... (2 replies)

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