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... Well, a few years ago there were 4 big zits on my nose, which were very painfull and didn't seem to heal. In each of them were an inflammatory process with green pus. It was awful, it was a nightmare. ... (13 replies)
... Help! I don't have the will power to leave zits alone. I always pop them and usually don't get a scar left behind except for the last time I did it. ... (6 replies)
... If it's deep in the skin and dosen't look like it's fully out don't pop it! ... (5 replies)

... is not working. I have two zits and they hurt a lot. ... (3 replies)
Popping zits
Dec 17, 2003
... Ok Dr. Genius... then why is my face scarred if I dont have cystic acne and I dont pop my zits? ... (10 replies)
... It's not like I am going to hurt myself or anything but it's just like DUDE STOP ALLREADY. Sometimes I think maybe I should end it all I ccan't take it anymore. ... (65 replies)
Hydrating the skin
Feb 11, 2005
... after shower when skin is still moist do not dry. ... (1 replies)
... ll bump forming. Ok here is how you get rid of it quickly IMMEDIATLY take and ice cube put it in a plastic zip lock bag then hold it against the zit for 5min it will be cold but don't let up. After 5 mins remove the ice cube and leave the zit alone. Don't wash your face or pick at it. Just leave it alone. ... (8 replies)
... Hrm... I know a motivation that will keep you from popping your zits: paying for a visit to the dermatologist's office. I used to have nodular acne that I would squeeze and pick at-- until a portion of my face became infected and gross. Then, I'd have to truck myself to the office, spend $60 for the office visit and $35 for a triemcilin (<--- misspelled) shot IN THE FACE. ... (6 replies)
... I usually dry it with some tissue then put some 'sensitive skin' cleanser on it, it has a nice tingly feeling and there is not much redness, it forms a scab which I leave, picking spreads. bleh. ... (9 replies)
Why not pop zits?
Feb 11, 2004
... And make sure I squeeze all the infection out, sure my face will be red for a few hours, but once i wash, go to sleep... I wake up, and it looks remarkably better. ... (1 replies)
... So after trying lots of many different products, I think that I have found my acne cure. I just wanted to say that this may not work for everyone, but it certainly has for me. ... (0 replies)
... ive heard that if u dont pop your zits, they will come back less frequently. its just quite a hurdle to overcome not popping them cuz they are SOOO asking for it. ... (4 replies)
... I have pretty mild goes from clear to not to bad. ... (9 replies)
... Do you realize everytime you POP a zit, you are breaking the skin causing a cut in the skin which has to form a scab to heal? ... (71 replies)
... I just leave them go... i only lasts about a day and it's worth it in the end. Popping zits not only leads to more zits... but it also leads to scars. NO ONE wants that! Tho it has bin about 3 months since i had a big ol' zit that pussed! ... (14 replies)
... DO NOT EVER POP YOUR ZITS, PIMPLES, NOTHING!!! I know that when you are young it may seem like the end of the world to get a pimple or two. ... (5 replies)
... If you have zits and black heads you can usually expect them to pop it. Trust me though, it can hurt reaaaaaaly bad if you have those big zits or alot. Especially if you hate and feel pain easily... ... (11 replies)
Mar 20, 2006
... I'm posting this just to rant, not really to accomplish anything. Feel free to post YOUR rants below. ... (8 replies)
... I believe these zits are cystic but I don't have acne. They pop up every now and then usually around my period. And guess when this all started? ... (6 replies)

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