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I am 18 and was diagnosed with ADHD about 2 years ago. I started off with 5mg of fast release Ritalin, twice a day (morning and at lunchtime), so that it would work during school hours when I needed to concentrate the most. After about 3 weeks we still hadn't noticed any difference so my medication was changed to a 20mg sustained release Ritalin once a day in the morning. We started to see a change in my behaviour within a couple of days of taking this. My grades wen't up a lot at school and in general I was just a lot more calm and relaxed. However I definitely did experience some side effects including sleepiness and lost of appetite which are common effects from the use of Ritalin. Because your body hasn't adjusted to the medication and remember with having ADHD, you're used to being hyperactive all the time. After about 3 weeks my body starting adjusting and I wasn't even experiencing any side effects. They do go away it just takes time. Overtime I think I sort of built up a 'tolerance' to the medication and eventually it didn't help me anymore, so my medication was changed to 54mg of Concerta per day. Which has been the most effective personally! If her behaviour isn't improving or is getting worse then that may well be because it isn't the most suitable medication for her, or the dosage is too high or too low.
Sorry for the novel just thought you may want some background info :P
Sleepiness is definitely expected when starting medication used to treat ADHD.
Also don't feel bad or anything about your daughter having to take medication for it, ADHD definitely does make life a lot harder, not only for the people who have it but for the people around them also. If the only way someone is going to have an easier life is to take medication, then ya gotta do what ya gotta do :)
Good luck!x

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