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My son started on Ritalin at age 6. His experience was sad. He would cry for no reason and seemed down all the time. I took him off of it against the teachers' wishes and tried to deal with it. By 4th grade I heard about Concerta and tried that. He was on Concerta for 2 years and only 18 mg. His weight dropped drammatically and he couldn't sleep. So he was given a prescription for a sleeping pill. His grades were good but he was so irritable all the time. Always in a bad mood and very underweight. At the end of 5th grade, I couldn't do it to him any more and had heard about Bcalmd. His weight increased and there was a very small help with the hyperactive side of him. However he was happy and it made my heart feel good to see him eating and enjoying food. So...sixth grade started this September. He was not doing homework, acting up in class, arguing with anyone around him, and losing all of his friends. I met with the school psychologist who told me about Straterra. It is not a controlled substance like Ritalin and Concerta and he said that it wouldn't hurt to try it. So I took him back to the doctor, praying that I was doing the right thing. The doctor started him on 10 mg for one wk and increased to 18 mg which is what he is now on. Josh is doing great. He is doing his homework, making great test scores, and is a happy kid. We have really good conversations now. Josh thanked me. His teachers have sent very good feedback. His appetite has decreased and I'm concerned but will keep an eye on it. His friends are coming back around and the phone is ringing off the hook again for him. I will stick to the low dosage. I love this little guy and I don't feel like such a beast anymore for medicating him.
Hi Splitpea,
Maybe you can refresh my memory a bit. Skimming back over this thread, it looks like your son is around 11 is taking Straterra 25mg a day. Is that right?

Another question. Are you saying that the only real problem right now is his bad attitude? You said his grades are pretty good so is it safe for me to assume that he's behaving okay in school?

Last question - has his attitude gotten better or worse since you moved the straterra to a morning dose? I know my son gets MUCH more irritable if he takes something like straterra that makes him a bit groggy during the day!

Okay, now for suggestions. First, 25mg is a pretty low dose. He may need for that to be increased a little. On the other hand, if attitude at home is your only problem, you may have to "come down hard" on him to get that under control. Our therapist recently told me that ADD or not, that I was taking WAY TOO MUCH lip from my 13yo. At the time, his gameboy was his favorite pasttime. So, the minute he was sassy/ugly to me the gameboy was mine for 24 hours. Next day: "Can I have my gameboy?" "Sure, if you can talk nice to me." Eye-rolling, heavy sigh, "I didn't do anything wrong, you're just being mean!" "Sorry, honey. I'm not going to allow that. Gameboys's mine again. We'll try again tomorrow." It took 3 days in a row, but he's been SO MUCH more pleasant ever since!

Let me know if you think these ideas are what you need. If not, we'll brainstorm and see what else we can come up with...

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