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Well the teachers say that they don't feel that the Concerta is "right" for him. I really can;t tell a change either. I just called the dr to see if we can try Strattera for my son. I HOPE we don't have to go in to try that. The beating is still an on going thing. And get this - he got a DRUM for Christmas from his grandfather who lives out of town (and obviously doesn't like me -LOL)

I am so glad you guys are having luck with Strattera, SplitPea. Taking the meds at night hasn't affected his sleep any? Oh that is so good!! :cool:

When I met with the teachers the other day one of them was all beside herself-she said (and I promise it was with this much excitement) What about the weighted vest? I want to talk about the weighted vest. I thought she was kidding...apparently the 504 coordinator did too bc she looked at the teacher and said Do they still let you use those things? The teacher assured her that they did. They wanted to put a "weighted vest" on my son so that he couldn't move around during class. Okay-am I just not with the program or is that a little archaic or something? It blew my mind-I set there and listed to them talk and then I just told that No-that is not an option. Oh can you imagine that? Maybe some parents don't have a problem with it and that is their perrogative but it is my personal opinion that is not something I want on my son. Besides just the idea of it, there would also be the stigma attached with it. I could just hear another kid popping off to the teacher to make my son put on his vest. Oh My Godness! I would be NO GOOD! Also in the meeting, I found out why my son has an F in History---essay questions. His teacher showed me his test and he had made a 57 on it. He did perfectly on the matching and multiple choice but the essay wiped him out. He attempted to answer and I could see relative words in what he wrote, but it is like he couldn't keep his train of thought. The counselor looked at the test and said His 504 calls for modified testing, can't you do something about those essay questions? Obviously he knows what is going on the writing is what is giving him trouble. The teacher said "I will not change his testing. He is a bright boy and can do it." WOW-that is the only class he has an F in so I talked to the 504 coordinator after all of the teachers left (I didn't want to get confrontational with the teacher and sometimes that CAN be my personality when it comes to my kids) and we reviewed his 504 Plan and incorporated oral testing for the essay questions in that test. Hopefully that helps, BUT what will I do if the teacher refuses to let him take the essay questions orally?? Also someone at work suggested that he may be able to answer them better if he was typing so I am going to ask him some essay ?s at home and let him answer them on the computer and see if he does better.
Anyway-the weighted vest thing REALLY tripped me out. Anyone else ever had that suggested to them or do any of your kids wear one at school?

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