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Thanks for the links!

People can get the same high with stimulant meds as they do with cocaine. They don't pop the pill as you put it though. They have to crush it into powder and snort it to get the high. It may not be quite as intense but it's pretty close. I'm not just guessing that this is the case, infact I know many people who used crack/cocaine and they were the ones who told me this.

Stimulant medications DO cause psychosis. It is a rare but very disturbing side effect. It is more common with adderall and dexedrine but also happens occasionally with ritalin. Those who have co-occuring problems, were misdiagnosed, or are extremely sensitive or even allergic to ritalin are the ones most likely to suffer from psychosis as a ritalin side effect, but it can happen to anyone and people should be aware of it. I know that at the present time psychosis is listed as a rare side effect on the information sheets pharmacies give out with several of the stimulant medications.

Also, you are asking to see proof that ritalin causes brain damage, well how about showing some proof that it doesnt? There is no proof for either side. There are studies that have been done. Some support one belief while others support the opposite belief.

The thing is, ritalin does cause brain damage similar to damage seen in those who have abused cocaine. This does not happen to everybody who takes ritalin, nor does every cocaine addict suffer from brain damage. There is just no way to tell which child is vunerable to this type of brain damage.

There is really no good reason to take any sort of medication if there is a safer way to treat it. Some people have no choice over the issue, all other treatments either have failed, or not been available, or the case is very severe and the patient was in need of help ASAP. It just makes sense to try the safest treatment first and move on if those are not successful.

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