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Thanks for your note... I wanted to let you know that I did purchase the Becalmed chewables for my son, and the adult formula pills for my husband & I (for stress). Honestly, I can say that I like the product for me. I've only given my son his chewables once or twice. The problem is, is that you need to give to your child 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal. That is the problem. My child is up and running around well before 6:30 every morning, and that is when I tell him to take his Concerta at the same time that he eats his breakfast (it takes about 45 minutes for the Concerta to really kick in) Since you NEED food when you take the Concerta it seems to conflict with the becalmed time table. Then, he is off to school by 8am, and I don't have an opportunity to wait 2 hours after he eats to give him the dose. I'd have to give it to the school...... and you know how that goes. Besides, I'd like to observe him after taking the becalmed. Unfortunately, he is unable to go without the Concerta even on weekends or holidays (away from school), because of his hyperactivity. So... I hope that you are able to try the becalmed. I have to say, it does seem to "chill me out" during the hectic day, and I haven't noticed any types of side effects or weird feelings while taking it. I would think that the chewables would be as effective for your child. Good luck!


[QUOTE=Coopersmom]Wow Laurie, what a journey you have been on. I can't believe your doctor didn't switch your son a long time ago off the Concerta. That med did not work for my son either, he was extremely moody and would not eat at all. He is on Adderall RX now and it is working great (for the time being). His appetite is returning and he has gained several pounds since this summer.

There was one Mom on the board here who's doctor prescribed strattera at night and the concerta during the day. The mix of the two got rid of all the side effects of the Concerta, he started sleeping great and eating great again.

It's such an experience trying to decided what is best for your child. We are going to try the Becalm'd over the holidays. Whether that will work for him or not I can't say.

Good luck and I hope that your son finds the right meds for him so that he feels good about himself again.

Vanessa :wave:[/QUOTE]

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