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I am 19 years old and of course like most, my Girl and I can hardly resist. If you know what I mean? Most of our intimate times occur in the evening or at night, except for the other day when we got into it during the day. I take a 20mg tablet of adderall XR in the morning when i wake up before class, (800) This usually keeps me in an irritable, nervous and anxious mood all day in which my girl and my friends can observe quite effortlessly. However I can knock out school work faster and more tactfully than I could ever do so without adderall. I made the mistake of taking it yesterday when I had very little schoolwork to do at the particular time. It helped me early morning in class, but then when i got out of class and my girl came over we got in the situation if you can imagine. After several minutes of intimate physical contact between us, I found it extremely difficult to become very turned on at all, and i had extremely little sexual drive. I read later online that this along with several other side effects that i can identify with, was a side effect of the adderall. This led to an extremely embarrassing situation, especially for my age, and a newborn dislike for the medicine that I valued due to it's great effectiveness on my work quality and grades. anyway I can go on... but can anyone relate to this particualr side effect???? Hit me back if you can. I am pretty pissed off at this pill right now.

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