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I understand you must be very busy. It can be hard raising special children. Please realise that stimulant medications are related to cocaine and meth amphetamine. Infact.. the generic adderall is sold under the name "amphetamine salt combo" These medications can have the same side effects as cocaine and meth. Of course they are very helpful for some patients who would not be able to function without it but they should definantly not be given to children who respond to other treatments or who are not truely disabled by their ADD symptoms.

First thing you need to do so I as well as others on the board can give you suggestions on alternative treatments is tell us a little bit more information about the type of ADD your son has.

Is it ADD or ADHD?

Does he have any additional conditions or symptoms that are not part of the core ADD symptoms?

What are the most troubling symptoms that he has?

Are you positive that ADD is a correct diagnosis?

A very safe supplement that seems to be very effective in treating many ADD/ADHD/anxiety/OCD/depressive symptoms is beCalmd. It is a blend so you wouldn't have to buy tons of different types of vitamins. It is only available online. I take it, it did wonders for me, I'm in the process of switching however, because beCalmd was getting a bit too expensive. I am still taking beCalmd, in a lower dose however, and have added two of my new supplements. GABA and taurine. With the taurine I notice that I have more control over my movements. What I mean is, I was always bad at sports but suddenly I'm improving without practice. There is also an online game I like to play which involved quickly clicking on tiny spots on the screen. I was getting to level 4 or 5 and usually when the game ended I would be pretty agitated. About 5 days after I added the taurine I played the game and easily made it to level 14.

Some of the cheapest most general supplements used for ADD are L-Tyrosine & DL-Phenylalanine. These are starting points. For some people they work as well as meds, for some people they dont work at all. In my case DL-Phenylalanine is helpful while L-Tyrosine makes me become somewhat aggressive. There are many other supplements that are helpful for ADD it all depends on the individual. Also, I should mention, there are a lot of products sold that claim to be "natural" that are herbal. Some of which contain dangerous herbs. You need to be careful that you are using things that are safe. A popular herb that I have seen in many products designed to help ADD/ADHD individuals is "Skullcap" This has proven negative physical side effects and should not be used in children or used in adults long term. Vitamins/Supplements are generally safe of course you should always do your research.

It will be a lot of work to find the correct treatment plan for your son but I'm sure you would agree that he is worth it!

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