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Re: New Company
Nov 18, 2003
Free Spirit

I apologize for asking so many questions. I appreciate you taking the time to continue helping.

About the Omega3....I may get a different product as I want the best chance for the supplement to help. I may get "EFA Blend for Children Attention Focus for Children". Here is the ratio this product has...

Primary Ingredients Amount USRDA
Evening Primrose Oil, cold pressed 280 mg 0%
Fish Oil 580 mg 0%
Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheryl) 30 IU 100%

I believe that is for the serving of 2 gel capsules. With this product my son would take 4 capsules daily. He has taken this product before. I know we must be careful about posting certain things on the board so we don't break any rules. Is it okay for you to post omega 3 products you feel might be helpful (if you don't feel the Attention Focus has the right ratios) or is that a violation of the rules? Do you think the Attention Focus I am talking about would provide the necessary amounts?

I know you have said beCalm'd and omega3 have been very helpful to you. I wondered if you have ever taken medicine yourself? I just wondered if you could compare if the beCalm'd and Omega3 has worked as well as medication.

I thought about szarkam's suggestion of giving the beCalm'd first and then letting my son get ready for school and then eat. Unfortunately my son is taking Concerta at the moment and my beCalm'd dosage instructions says that beCalm'd and medications should not be taken at the same time. It states there should be at least 2 hours separation time. That makes morning dosing rather difficult. In regards to Palms suggestion of dosing at school....I don't want him to have to take medicine at school if I can avoid it. He had previously been on ritalin and had to have it at lunchtime at school. Besides the ups and downs the ritalin caused as it wore off, I didn't like him having to take medicine at school. No matter how discreetly it's done, kids wonder and I am trying to avoid the stigma. We switched to Concerta to eliminate school dosing. I hope all of ya don't think I'm trying to be difficult, I'm truly not. I just know taking medicine (long term) at school can be embarrassing and especially at his age (9 yrs old in 4th grade). I don't want to add to any social issues he already has to deal with. On weekends I could give him a morning dose and then 2 more doses during the day. Do you think it would be harmful in any way to give him 2 beCalm'd daily during the week and then 3 on weekends or days off? I'm so sorry to be such a pain.

Ok, a couple more questions and I'll try to wrap this post up....from my understanding there are no interaction issues with taking Concerta, beCalm'd, OPC's and omega3. If I am understanding correctly, the dosing time frames and amounts are just to get optimal results and taking these different things (Concerta, beCalm'd, OPC's and Omega3) each day is safe. Am I assuming correctly?

I thank you for sharing your vast knowledge to help the rest of us. I really appreciate your willingness to share your experience and information.


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