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Concerta is offering scholarships to ADHD kids and I'm sure there are more out there. You can check with the financial aid department of the school you wish to attend. Also, some states have a vocational rehab department that offers aid to people with disabilities, you could check there. They will also help you find a job sometimes.
If you like math, like I do, you might also like computer programming, like I do too. It is like doing math to me and I love working complicated math problems, it seems to help get my thoughts in order. It would also help to ask around about the instructors and try to pick one that will fit your needs. I find that a teacher who is organized in their approach to teaching and also enjoys the subject themselves is best for me. I had a history teacher who gave the most interesting lectures and I could tell that he really enjoyed teaching and loved history, so he made it more interesting. I didn't have to read much at all to pass his tests because I could remember his lectures. And I had an english teacher who allowed us to go to the computer lab to type our in-class essays because she knew that some people just weren't naturally good at spelling, so we could use the spell checker. If you ask around I'm sure that you can find the right classes for you.
As far as the bills go, I have the same problem. I have on-line banking now which really helps. Also, I have a portable file cabinet with labeled folders in it for the mail. When I go through the mail I put them in their specific folder, most of it goes in the trash though. Then I leave the bills out so I'll remember to pay them. After I pay them on-line, I place them in the paid bills folder.

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