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[QUOTE=Redhead23]If I were you I'd give the Strattera a try, I know for some people (especially with bipolar/manic tendencies) it doesn't work at all and has bad side effects but for those where it works it usually works wonders, and it doesnt' wear off in the same way that stimulants do.

If it doesn't work then by all means try Ritalin.

But don't forget that there are many supplements (Omega3, B Vitamins etc.) that can, if not replace stimulant and other AD/HD meds (i.e. they don't make you as focussed and organised unless you have a very mild case) at least help with your mood and can very often decrease the amount of medication you need.[/QUOTE]

Actually whether or not they make you as focused and organized just depends on personal reactions, not how mild or severe your case of ADHD is!!! I was on medications for years when I was younger for SEVERE ADHD / ODD. I stopped medications and turned to alternative treatments including supplements and they work even better than medications ever did!! It has NOTHING to do with the severity, so people, do NOT be discouraged from trying supplements first even when you have a very severe case of ADHD on your hands. They may work just as well or even better than medication! It depends on a lot of factors but how severe the case of ADHD is is certainly not one of the factors.

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