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[QUOTE=Christine7777]He worked me up from 25mg to start and then just kept adding on. I was already feeling a change in me by 100mg and that was when I went to see him for the second time. He said that he could tell by my questionnaire that I was receiving excellent benefits....but then he added on another 25mg. He told me from the beginning that he would be working me up to 125 mg. I called the office back when I realized that my dose seemed higher than others in the Health Board posts. The nurse there said that they have found that people can be on higher doses without any problem. I guess I SHOULD have asked whether I really needed that much or not. I have another appt. the first week of January and then I will ask then what was his reasoning. Hey...maybe HE thinks I'm more ADD than I think I am!! haha :bouncing: (I tried to make the bouncing smile come on...not sure if I have to do more than click it)[/QUOTE]

It worked!!!! Yep...that's me all day long!!!haha

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