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[QUOTE=Christine7777]It worked!!!! Yep...that's me all day long!!!haha[/QUOTE]

Christine, I started strattera about seven weeks ago. I have been titrating up and am now at 85 mg. When I started the Strattera, I was also taking 300 mg

Wellbutrin SR and 10 mg Lexapro daily. At my visit last week my pdoc has given me a regimen in which I am to taper off the Wellbutrin entirely and work up to 120mg of Strattera. I didn't challenge him on the dosage, although I know from reading available materials that 100mg is the recommended ceiling. He left me with a lot of discretion on the upward titration from now up to 120, so I'm going to stay at around 80 (actually, 85 with the dosing combination I've got right now) for a couple more weeks, then see how I feel coming off the Wellbutrin. I am a bit concerned about stopping the Wellbutrin completely, since it has worked pretty well at controlling my depression for a couple of years. I understand that Strattera seems to have some antidepressant effect, but still...

The Strattera has been a tough drug in terms of side effects. Some have resolved, but the moodiness - strongly resembling part-time depression - has not. Its better now than in the beginning, when I had almost daily crying episodes. I'm determined to give the Strattera at least 3 months, since for me it is the only viable option for my ADD (I work in a field where taking stimulants is not possible/permissable.) So far, I see very subtle improvement in concentration, better ability to listen effectively to others, and better reading comprehension than I have had in years. Best of all (though totally irrelevant to the ADD issue) my appetite is way down, and I am losing weight for the first time in 10 years. The appetite suppression is an unexpected perk, which I am told won't last, but for now I'm thrilled to be whittling away at the 70 pounds I've packed on during the past 10 years (coincidence that 10 years is the period I've been taking antidepressants??? I do wonder...)

I'm glad you are going to ask about the need for the high dosage. Also am glad to hear that you're seeing some benefits from the Strattera. I'm seeing my pdoc every 30 days till we get the meds stable, so I'll see him again in mid-December, and will ask about the 120mg target also. It does seem that many docs subscribe to the "if some is good, then more is better" philosophy.

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