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I have a a son who was diagnosed with severe ADHD with oppositional problems also. He started Strattera 5 weeks ago and the response was incredible. He became the ideal student at school, church, and at home was wonderful. Well, week 5 went down hill fast, at school he started hitting and spitting again and having violent verbal outbursts. By Sunday we had a huge meltdown that lasted 35 minutes, until he was exhausted. I am very confused why the medicine worked so well for four weeks then just stopped.
I called the dr. and was advised by a nurse that it could just be the holiday season! I do not buy it! Does anyone have any suggestions or support to offer?
What type of Dr. would even consider attempting to diagnose a 4-year-old!!
I honestly don't mean to be judgemental but damn.... what do you expect from a 4-year-old--perfect behavior?? I have severe ADHD and the problems didn't start until I was about 7 or 8 (which is the norm for those affected by adhd). I have no idea what your home life is like--nor will I make any assumptions--but look to that first. These drugs are serious! A 4-year-old! Jesus, poor thing doesn't even know what the hell hit him. Stop looking to pharmaceuticals to solve your problems.

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