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I think I have a similar problem--in reverse. I have had many episodes of major depression throughout my life (I'm almost 42) and one major manic episode in 1999. I have also had what was thought to be many minor hypomania episodes. I tried mood control meds, but depakote reduced my white blood cell count and lithium made it impossible for me to do anything cognitive (and in my career field the majority of work I do is cognitive). Instead, I take Wellbutrin, Buspar, ritalin, tamazapam, and seroquil. I've also known about my ADHD for about 8 years. The lack of reoccurance of mania and the fact that I do not take mood control meds makes me wonder if what I thought was hypomania, was really ADHD. Because like you say, many of the symptoms are similar. I should probably see a specialist who knows how to distinquish co-morbid disorders to figure out what I really do have. So while I can't give you any advice, I can certainly relate to your frustration.

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