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I have had ADHD my entire life. I have not been medicated for it for about 6 years until recently. The first med the doctor put me back on was Straterra.

All it did for me was make me feel like a zombie and I had a multitude of other side effects from it. Enough bad ones to make me stop taking it after less than a week. :eek:

I am now on Concerta and it does help to a point. It is not the "cure all" . I do not feel any more "motivated" than I was but I do notice being alot less "hyper" (talking too fast, interrupting others, being forgetful). :bouncing:

I also notice that if I ever get started on something, I will usually finish it, where as before.. i'd walk away and never get it done.

I'm on 36mg Concerta and I do take "drug holidays" (weekends, and off days) to try to keep it as effective as possible for as long as possible.

So far it has not affected my sleeping patterns at all which is good. :yawn:

I have not tried Adderal so no opinion there. When I was on medication in the past it was Dexadrine Spansule or Ritalin (normal ones).

Good luck. :)

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