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[QUOTE=sawbuck44]Wow Born Free great advice! I actually did all you suggested with my son and it did wonders for him. Children like this need more attention and they'll try to get it - good or bad. So if you take the time to structure your day so they get that extra attention in a good way before it has time to turn bad - you are one step ahead of the game and on your way to developing a great kid!

The music really is soothing. Now that my son is almost 12 he likes the rap stuff but he'll also listen to classical, religious, country, rock, all kinds! I think the reason so many people are struggling with this issue these days is there is much more sensory stimulation out there and kids tend to get overloaded. Not just by the processed food they eat, but by the music and video games. We didn't hear a lot about this when we were growing up because we got all our anxieties out while we played outside till dark not sat in front of the tv playing video games and eating junk food. We need to turn back the clock.[/QUOTE]

hmmmmmmmm well if anyones kid just sits inside and plays video games and watches tv all day then theres an obvious cause of adhd type symptoms... but I think that most kids, even today, still enjoy going outside after school and playing sports, building forts, and that sort of thing. (Children in your day with this problem were probably refered to as minimal brain damage... so as you can see, the set of symptoms that is labeled as ADHD did not just develope in the era of video games and too much tv) Now days there are a lot more children getting misdiagnosed with the problem though.

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