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Very good points, Peggy. I believe the physical, and what goes in that, effects the mental. Pellegra was a disease that brought on such ailments as schizophrenia. Many bi-polar people's past can also reveal drug or alcohol at young ages....I don't just mean abusing drugs, because even pharmaceuticals at theraputic doses can cause such problems, and some people are simply more sensitive to strong chemicals than others.

Recently I read that Patty Duke, the actress, was given prescription tranquilizers by her trainers and was abused physically. Carrie Fisher, another actress diagnoised with bi-polar, first had cocaine at age 17 with her father, then became an addict, calming down from that with such things like Valium, yet another addicting drug. Uppers and downers can cause some mood swings, right? But doctors' told her she was probably bi-polar "all along" and was self-medicating....I think that's way too convienient a diagnosis if they want to make someone think they need medication forever.

Taking uppers and downers can definately cause manic depressive behaviors and cause the actual problems to start with. Why don't the psychiatric community believe that chemicals can actually cause chemical imbalances....makes perfect sense to me.....and that the consequences of that, even after the discontinuation, can have some long term effects?

Robert Downey Jr., I think was diagnoised as bi-polar too..well, duh. He took so many drugs....but was it his choice in "self-medication", or the fact it was his parents, who got him hooked on drugs to start with as a joke at age 8 (I read his father liked to give him pot just because he looked funny after). Getting used to drugs at age 8 would, I think, lead to some cravings and needs which would continue the cycle....this is certainly not self-medication but pure drug addiction and well..... drugs cause chemical imbalances. Wa-la!

Again, it doesn't even have to be a street drug/abuse thing!!! Remember the stories of Accutane, the acne drug, and suicide/depression side effects?

Also, in the case of pellegra, vitamin B deficiency which caused terrible symptoms.

Even someone who drinks often may have their chemicals upset by the alcohol, I doubt one has to be an outright alcoholic to be affected...some people have more chemical sensitivities then others.

Anyway, there are too many factors to assume one is mentally ill, chemically imbalanced and such simply by being born to it.....especially kids with ADD which is such a broad scope of generalization of typical kids at typical ages, no taking into account of other factors in their lives!
Yes, I'm aware that people are not rats...except maybe some men :p .

If research with rats is questionable, then why do they still do it....big waste of money, wouldn't it nothing would be valid at all; even the things they gave rats that cause cancer would be considered safe for humans after all?

But they did find the same things were causing cancers in humans too. The reason they use rats is because alot of the systems are simular and most research results with rats has proven to be true for humans, at least to some extent.

Rats have been time-tested as a valuable research tool for humans. I wouldn't toss it aside because they have fur and we don't. I believe most of this research is quite valid. But even before this, almost everyone knows depression is a by-product of stimulants(and even some other drugs) because people have already experienced it. Some PDF's of drugs even list depression as either side effect or discontinuation effect. This research only scientifically confirms what people already have been living's really not new to some people. But now it's "official".
It is pretty freakin sad to me that people have to see and read tons of studies before realizing the truths about some things. First off there is documented work backing up many of the side effects caused by stimulants (like depression) Second of all, how about a little common sense?

Everyone used to believe the world was flat.... now we know its round. People who dont think for themselves are the ones who kept on believing the world was flat. People need to try thinking for themselves more often instead of just believing everything doctors and others tell them!!!
it helps me study i do better on tests i feel more confident it works for me im 21 and im content with it, as far as side effects go im willing to deal with them, because after i get my degree im off them (4 more years)

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