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Re: My boy
Dec 8, 2003
No, it is not your fault!! We have all yelled at our children. They can be so frustrating at times. The more you educate yourself though, the more patience you will have.
That is really good he is doing well in his subjects, except for reading. He must be finding ways to compensate despite his distractability, however, I would keep a close eye on him as school becomes harder.
Like I said before just be sure you have a GOOD child pshycologist evaluate him and even a pediatric neurologist before you decide on medication. If he is able to do his work I would hold off on medication as long as you could.
If you read some of the past posts on Straterra you can find out what to expect. If it does work, it take 4-6 weeks and during that time you may have some side effects. If you are not familiar with the medicines it may be hard to deal with. With ritalin you know that day (most times) if it is going to work or not and you haven't wasted a month or two.
Good luck with your little boy.

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