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[QUOTE=2sweetcheeks]I have had him to his dr. He has been tested for allergies, diabetes and anything else the dr could think of before she sent me to the counselor. He will cy easily if he thinks he is in trouble, scared or if he thinks he hurt someone. But he has been like that since he was a baby. In general he seems to be a very happy, loving and eager to please child. He just cannot seem to stay still or focus. I did not even take him to be evaluated until HE complained about not being able to sit still. ie. wanting to play games but not being able to sit for very long in the chair, not being able to sit for movies he likes etc. I am just starting to feel bad because he is getting in trouble in school and on the bus quite a bit and I just have a feeling it is something he cannot control. If he does show any signs of depression (which I do not see myself) I think it is because of getting in trouble all the time for not staying seated etc.[/QUOTE]

Many boys with ADD/ADHD are overly sensitive. This could explain the crying - and possibly explain why the psychologist thought he might be depressed. For many with ADHD they are just over-sensitve rather than depressed. You might notice when he is sad he is EXTRA sad and when hes happy he is VERY VERY happy. Crys, gets mad, or gets happy and excited very easily..sound like him?

It does sound like his behavior is out of his control. Please consider all of your options and do try safe and healthy treatments before resorting to medication. The medications used for ADHD have the potential to cause horrible long term effects for your son, both physical and psychological. so if you can use a safer treatment and aviod the medications that would be best. These medications are helpful for some children who truely do need them but the sad thing is that most who are on them could have gotten the same symptom releif from alternative treatment methods.

beCalmd is a good starter supplement. It is a combination so your son wouldnt have to swallow lots of pills, plus it comes in chewable berry flavor for kids. Omega3 has also been proven helpful for ADHD (and depression too for that matter)

Make sure he gets a lot of excercise. If you have time start a morning ritual of 15-30 minute morning jog or walk. Then another walk when he comes home from school.

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