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I don't know about the "suffer through it" advice from a previous poster. To me that is like suspecting your child has cancer and saying "suffer through it" just to avoid having to "label" the problem or having to deal with it. Denial is not fair to anyone, especially yourself, who will also become frustrated and filled with anxiety if the problems do not magically go away. If they do, great and at least you can say you overreaccted and have a good laugh. But better that then looking back and having regrets of what you should have done. . .

Also to me it sounds that you may feel deep in your heart that there is a problem that needs to be immedietly addressed but are hoping that enough people will tell you not to worry or to wait or its normal.

I feel that the parents intuition should come first despite what anyone says. You know the child and you would not even have posted on this board if you thought it was typical terrible twos. The difference between the twos tantrum and a more severe problem is the intensity and frequency of incidents.

There is NOTHING wrong with seeking help for your child now. The only reason a child may be "labeled" is to open doors to related treatment. diagnosis can change and often do.

My now 4 year old nephew used to bang his head to the point of bruising himself. Turns out he had chronic inner ear infections. He bit so many kids that he got kicked out of 4 daycares by age 3. Turns out he has language processing problems and has been recieving speech therapy. At first the PDD/ADHD diagnosis sounded extreme to my sister and was upsetting. But it opened many doors for him such as free speech and occupational therapy(he has sensory integration issues) free developmental preschool which he loves and is doing great and learning a lot, and speech improved quickly as well.

Also, the "label" gives her something to narrow down all the possible things that could be wrong and helps her find solutions.

Please talk it over with your husband and decide how you can best help, not ignore your sons problems. The chewing through drywall thing is definetly not typical behavior and could become dangerous as well if he tries to eat through wires, or toxic materials. Your older son is also in danger and needs to know you are there to protect him.

Good luck, something good will come from all of this.

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