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There was a lot of great information out on the old HealthBoards.Com site about guys who had sexual/urinary dysfunction associated with Strattera (atomoxetine). I was sorry to see the list didn't continue here so I'm starting a new thread on it. Reboxetine is the European equivilant of Strattera which got shot down by the FDA but also seems to have similiar issues for some men.

Here is the old link for those who want to review it:


I started Strattera a few weeks ago (only 1/2 40 mg. capsule in A.M. - 20 mg.) and noticed right away "withdrawing" and flacid penis, erectile dysfuntion, spontaineous and premature ejaculation problems, seamen in my urine and urinary retention problems.

Online I found some information regading people who had this issue with Reboxetine (British norepinephedrine Reuptake inhibitor like Strattera) who were given tamulosin (Flomax) or cardura which resolved the urinary issue. I was hoping it would resolve sexual erectile dysfuntion as well.

I called my doc and asked him to put me on tamulosin .4 mg in A.M.(Flomax) which resolved the urinary retention issue right away. I was even able to cut this down to 1/2 capsule (.2 mg) and have it work for 2 days which is good because the Flomax isn't cheap. The sexual issue persisted which may have been due to the psychological issue which was caused by the original dysfuncion causing me to lose "confidence" but it seems to be much better now. I'm not sure if it's because I'm becoming used to the Strattera (I'm now doing 30 mg. in A.M. once per day) or because the Flomax is helping.

I'd like to hear what others have to say about their experience with the sexual/urinary dysfunction on either Strattera or Reboxetine and what solutions they have found for them. I was wondering if anyone had any expereince with Dutasteride
( link here: [COLOR=Red][removed] [/COLOR] ) which is supposed to be good for BPH (Benign Protratic Hyperplasia - enlarged thyriod) - this is what Flomax (tamulosin) is used for that resolves the urinary retention problem.

I'd also like to know if people have tried Viagra or other solutions for erectile/sexual dysfunction as a result of Strattera/Reboxetine and how it worked out.

I highly recommend trying Flomax or something like it if you are having problems with Strattera or Reboxetine caused urinary/sexual issues and see how it goes. Most doctors are not familiar with this problem with Strattera because it is so new here in the states.

...By the way.... Strattera works great on my anxiety and depression and also improves my focus which is why I want to work our the sexual/urinary issues associated with it. There is no "crash" from it like there is with Ritalin or amphetamines.

Duh.... I mistakenly put "thyriod" for "postate" for BPH on my original post. I tried to edit it to fix it but I kept getting a "banned" message and it would n't allow me to fix it..... Oh the joys of having ADD! :)

Hey 'shifter - there's still a lot of great information on jackos old thread. I'll update a post to bring it back to the top. May even start a new thread on Males sexual/urinary effects. This drug does work - but the side effects remain a drag.

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