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here are bunch of tangents strung together to get to my point at the bottom:

quick stuff about whats happening. (im 22 by the way..just came back to university after 5 years out of high school)

Someone suggested i go to academic resource centre at my university...and they send me to have an assessment done .. to see if i have any learning disabilities etc etc... basically if im like..retarded or something (thats how i perceived their treatement of me the moment they decided there was something ~wrong~ with me. anyways....

got assessment back.. IQ was in some dumb high range (but i dont think iq tests are for real so it means nothing to me) yet..I had no apparent disabilities.. though they diagnosed me with ADD over a few VERY biased questions that forced you to reply with answers that were so obviously going to be seen as ~ADD~. etc.

but no one wants to help me other than suggest taking medication. (maybe you should try this, it works) yeh no.. I refuse to listen to people who analyze things based on one set way of thinking..only one right answer.

but, then I read this website and all the issues i am having with: work, school, homelife... basic daily functioning.. 24/7 things that make me want to smash my head with a hammer for being so inefficient...

I read the thread on the dif types of AD/HD or whateva'...

and i checked off most of the criteria if not, all in each section...

for types:2,4,5,6 and 7.

but, it is just a test right? its not accurate and most likely it could be mistaken correct? (these tests always seem biased to me..... )but it is unlikely that I could have ....all of them so I tend to lean toward the notion that I am mistaken and my own answers and analyses are flawed.

anyways, I need help. I want to know more about how ADD affects the brain on a chemical level.. what? why? how? and if their are natural substances that can help... or if not..then ... i dont know...a list of the different drugs available.. with known side affects and how they act on the brain.
(I tried reading threads here..but my brain has turned to mush for the moment..if you know someone said something elsewhere.. a link to that thread would help also)

and i dont know where to go..who I should be talking to about this....and I need to fix myself fast..because i dont want to get kicked out of university....and im already Poor as it is...and
yeh... at the moment I want to jump off a bridge or something. lol. but i know ill forget that I want to in a minute or two (so no worries) but hopefully I dont forget that I dont really want to kill myself..........
....................................and do it anyways because of a moodswing.
(last part just kidding. lol)


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