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[QUOTE=Raes*Mom][QUOTE=* Free ~ Spirit *]It doesnt really matter how much she weighs (for adderall) 25mg of adderall XR is too much for even some large adults.

Your statement about Adderall really surprises me because both my child's pedatrician and the psychiatrist she is currently seeing say that 25 mg of extended release Adderall is a low dosage for her size. I also take Adderall XR for my ADD and I take 20 mg which I was also told by my doctor was a low dosage. Just curious as to how you came about your information?[/QUOTE]

I work with at risk kids, some of whom are ADD. Plus I was on adderall when I was younger (regular and xr) and so was my brother.

Doctors are supposed to start with an extremely low dose and work up gradually. The right dose for a person is the lowest daily dose that allows the best symptom control. They are not supposed to go by weight. Many people are very sensitive to adderall (expecially the XR)!

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