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Re: Straterra
Jan 4, 2004
[QUOTE=buderfly]Thank you! Well so far so good on the second day and no side effects yet besides dry mouth. I really hope it works for me. I move up to 40mg on Sun.
Thanks again :-)[/QUOTE]

I've been on Strattera since August of this last summer. I went through the few months of constipation, but with lots of fiber and drinking more water, I conquered that symptom. I still have the hot flashes and sweating around my neck area, however. The dry mouth keeps a water bottle by my side. That symptom and the hot flash one seems to hit me about an hour and half after I take my medication in the morning. I tried taking it at night...which really helped because I didn't experience that hot flash thing while I was at work in the morning. I was so happy about that...until I realized that the whole week I tried taking the meds at night...I had a terrible time with insomnia! I take it at noon. I'm done working and the hot flash can happen at home....and I sleep ALL NIGHT! Sometimes it just takes experimenting to find just the right adjustment that personally works for you. Yes, it was worth it to stay with it until some of the side effects went away on their own. I feel more focused and sure of myself. I am also able to organize now and think of things I need to do ahead of time. The only thing I may yet adjust is the dose I'm on. I really don't hear of many people on 120 mg. The doc worked me up to that dose without seeing if I really needed that much. My husband is a retired teacher and the price of this stuff is outrageous!

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